Milo Ventimiglia Says Drinking Will Cause Jack Issues: Could It Be How He Dies?

Tonight, it is time for a new episode of This Is Us and Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Jack, is speaking out and teasing some of what is going on. Everyone realizes that Jack just started drinking again, and of course, this is not a good thing. Milo Ventimiglia spoke to EW and shared his thoughts on Jack starting to drink again and a few other things that are going on in the show’s last two episodes of the season.

Milo shared that tonight on the show, a lot of the characters will be at a point where they have really big decisions to make about their lives. His character Jack and his wife Rebecca are being pulled in opposite directions. Rebecca wants to go out on tour, leaving him behind with all three kids.

It really does appear that the viewers are getting closer to finding out what happened to Jack. As the Inquisitr shared already, Milo Ventimiglia revealed that they won’t be showing Jack’s death this season. It will be at least next season before you get to see what happens to him. The way that the show is done with flashbacks, though that doesn’t mean that Milo’s character is going anywhere.

Milo Ventimiglia shared a bit about what the viewers will find out tonight. He said, “A lot of it does come from Rebecca’s want to have something for herself, but Jack just sees that as getting away from the family. I know everybody talks about Jack’s jealousy and whatnot. I don’t think Jack has a jealousy as in he doubts himself compared to another man or next to another man; it’s attention pulled away from him and his family that I think Jack is incredibly protective of.”

That isn’t all that Milo revealed about the show. He went on to explain that Jack’s drinking is going to end up causing problems. This has fans wondering if this could be how he dies somehow. Here is what Milo revealed about it.

“I think that’s a good indication of where we’re going. Jack has years later decided to take up a drink again. It can’t be good for many reasons, and alcohol only messes up and further clouds judgment. So you got to believe that Jack’s judgment is going to be clouded in a time that he’s already really trying to hang onto his family structure. Even though he’s looking for that escape, that escape ultimately will come back and bite him in the a**.”

As Variety shared, right now the details of Jack’s death still remain a mystery. A lot of fans think they might know what is going to happen, but it is all speculation at this time. Creator Dan Fogelman promised that every single episode will have a great moment that people are talking about the next day and so far, he has done this every week. The fact that Jack is dead is one of those huge moments that shocked everyone. Milo Ventimiglia has found a way to make the fans love him and care about his character’s death.

Are you shocked to hear that Milo Ventimiglia is admitting that drinking will cause Jack problems? Do you think this will end up being what kills him? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of This Is Us with Milo when they air on Tuesday nights on NBC. There are only two episodes left this season.

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