Animal Adventure Park New York: Live Feed Of Pregnant Giraffe Goes Viral [Watch]

The Animal Adventure Park in New York has a live feed that has millions of people tuning in to watch April the pregnant giraffe. People all over the world have been watching this giraffe as she walks around her pen waiting to go into labor. Sometimes she eats, sometimes she sleeps, and sometimes she gets curious about her neighbor one stall over.

However, everyone is waiting for one thing and one thing only — the birth of April’s calf!

Now, you may or may not know that a mother giraffe gives birth while standing up. So, while April is just hanging out in her stall, her baby could be born at any time, and those who are watching the live feed will be able to witness the miracle of life with their very own eyes. Kind of cool, right?

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Workers at the Animal Adventure Park in New York have anxiously been awaiting the birth of this calf and have started quite a viral trend by allowing the public to watch April as she prepares for labor. Millions of people have been watching — some for hours on end. Many have become friends, have shared jokes, and have really bonded over this giraffe.

According to KFOR, over 15 million people have tuned into the Animal Adventure Park live stream since it was started about a week ago. You can watch April the giraffe in the video below, but be forewarned; it becomes really addicting!