Corinne Olympios Won ‘The Bachelor: Women Tell All’: Her Own Reality Show Next?

Corinne Olympios was the sole bright spot in an otherwise dull The Bachelor: Women Tell All special. With Olympios stealing the show, and once again proving that she can make anything interesting, will she get her own reality series?

E! News reports that Olympios walked away the winner of the Women Tell All special. For starters, this season’s villain put an end to her feud with Taylor and even got her to apologize for saying negative things.

As fans will recall, things got pretty heated between Corinne and Taylor this season. At one point, Taylor tried to teach Corinne about “emotional intelligence” while the latter fired back by calling Taylor a “b**ch.” Although Taylor was the one seeking an apology on the special, Olympios flipped the tables on the counselor and received one of her own.

Olympios also defended her constant naps on The Bachelor and her nanny, Raquel. She came out on top on both points, persuading everyone that naps are great (of course they are) and that having a nanny is like growing up with another mom in the house.

ET Online reports that Olympios then thanked Nick Viall for all the great time they shared and seemed completely cool with being sent home after the hometown dates. Not only did she redeem herself by being so open about the rejection, but she also got some closure of her own.

“I definitely said everything I wanted to say,” Olympios admitted. “I think it went really well and I’m very happy with the outcome, so no regrets, all good.”

Despite her positive attitude, seeing Viall in person was still a little jarring for Corinne, who is still getting over the fact that he sent her home.

“Seeing Nick tonight was definitely a little bit shocking. I mean, we had just had a really good hometown date… things went really well [and] I think we had one of the best ones, so to be sent home so abruptly after that was a little bit shocking, but I think I got my closure tonight.”

By the end of her segment, Olympios left many fans wanting more from this season’s most controversial suitor. By the sound of it, everyone might get their wish.

According to Accept This Rose, Olympios might be headed for her own reality show. Between watching her drink champagne and her father downing shots of Scotch, there wouldn’t be any shortage of drama from the Olympios family.

“I think America is interested in me having a reality TV show with my family, my family is awesome, as you all could tell on my hometown date,” Olympios shared. “America wants it, I hear it all the time.”

Of course, there’s always the chance that Olympios will get overshadowed by her nanny. After all, it was Raquel who asked Viall the difficult questions on The Bachelor and was perhaps a little too honest with him.

It’s easy to see Olympios’ rumored show turning into something like a Real Housewives spin-off, especially given her penchant for spending some serious cash. Even if you didn’t like her on The Bachelor, it’s clear that she and her family know how to drum up some drama.

Whether or not this leads to a show of her own is yet to be seen. Networks have yet to announce any plans for launching a spin-off with Olympios and her family, although it sounds like she’s on the verge of ironing out a deal.

Until that happens, fans can watch Viall hand out his last rose when the finale of The Bachelor airs Monday night on ABC.

Tell us! Would you watch Corinne and the Olympios family on their own reality show? Let us know in the comments below.

[Featured Image by ABC]