Wikileaks To Open Vault 7 Tomorrow At 9am, What is Vault 7 Year Zero?

Wikileaks has been teasing about the release of a mysterious "Vault 7" since February 4, 2016. The mystery began when Wikileaks posted a series of "who, what, when, where, why" tweets alluding to a Vault 7 that had not yet been opened. However, following the series of tweets, the information seemed to dry up. There was a lot of speculation about what Vault 7 might contain and when Wikileaks may drop it to the public. It seems that the wait is finally over. The official Wikileaks Twitter account has just posted an encrypted release with the name "Vault 7 Year Zero." The group said they would release the passphrase for the encrypted download tomorrow at 9:00am.

To better understand Vault 7 we must look at Wikileaks first tweets regarding the subject. The tweets were formatted in daily releases that discussed the who, what, when, where and why of Vault 7 with picture clues. Check out the original tweets below.

The tweets contained little information outside of a single photograph that accompanied each one. Many internet sleuths immediately jumped into action to determine what the cryptic image messages could mean. The first image posted under "what is Vault 7" was a photo of the Svalbard Seed Vault. The second image for "where" featured in image of a Nazi gold mine that was being held in Merkers Salt Mine. According to the Heavy, the mine contained "gold bullion, gold Reichsmarks, British gold pounds, French gold francs, American gold pieces, gold and silver coins, additional foreign currency, silver bars, platinum bars, artwork, and more."

The when post contained an image taken at Langley Air Force Base which showed the testing of a jet engine. When discussing "who", the image contained three pictures of "infamous spies" that included Edward Snowden, Wikileaks' founder Julian Assange and Bradley Manning. The post regarding "why Vault 7" contained a picture of an Airman welding a box blade for a snow plow. Lastly, the "how" image showcased a Stasi agent photo from Open Society Foundations.

The "how" may be one of the most telling images in the series with many pointing out that the Stasi, the Ministry of State Security for the German Democratic Republic also known as East Germany, was in charge of all state security services for the region. Its main task was spying on the population. The particular image chosen by Wikileaks had the caption "Surveillance of mailboxes in Berlin...When mailboxes were being observed by Stasi agents, every person posting a letter was photographed. Some films found in the Stasi archives also show persons dressed in civilian clothing emptying the mailbox after the conclusion of the surveillance action."

With the alluding to the potential for a new "infamous spy", mass surveillance, multiple Air force images, we may soon have another notorious whistleblower on our hands. Many have speculated that the Vault 7 may involve Hillary Clinton's email server as on February 4, 2016, shortly before the Vault 7 posts began, Wikileaks made a post referring to the FBI's "quiet release" of part 6 (of 6) of Clinton's investigation. Could Wikileaks have additional information on the Clinton investigation that the FBI did not release?

The world will find out tomorrow at 9:00am when Wikileaks releases the passphrase for the encrytped document. One thing is for sure, the information won't take long to hit the web as Twitter has been lighting up with discussions on the big release.

What do you think is in Vault 7 Year 0?

[Featured Image by Carl Court/Getty Images]