Obama's Leather Jacket, Non-Mom Jeans Photos Get 5,100 Facebook Shares [Photos]

Former President Barack Obama might be at the center of President Donald Trump's accusations of wiretapping, but folks on social media are more focused on how great they think Mr. Obama looks wearing a leather jacket and blue jeans. As seen in the above and below photos, Mr. Obama donned a brown leather jacket, blue jeans, and sunglasses as he was photographed with former First Lady Michelle Obama when the duo left the National Gallery of Art in Washington on Sunday, March 5.

[Image by Jose Luis Magana/AP Images]

Mr. Obama's brown leather jacket, along with his button-down shirt unbuttoned a couple of buttons, a happy smile, and rested look after returning from vacation, seemed to strike a chord with fans of the Obama Family. As reported by Harper's Bazaar, it was the first time that Barack and Michelle had appeared in photos together since getting back from their trip to the Virgin Islands. However, with each post-presidential sighting of Barack comes the news about how happy and refreshed Mr. Obama appears since leaving office, such as when he was photographed in New York last month, sending the crowd into a frenzy.

And now it appears that frenzy over President Obama's well-rested look while donning a leather jacket is starting all over again. The article from Harper's Bazaar titled "Drop Everything and Look at Barack Obama Sporting a Leather Jacket Like a Boss" has been shared 3,600 times on Facebook, according to the publication. Other articles about the same topic, such as Dr. Farrah Gray's Facebook post about Obama's leather jacket, have been shared 1,500 times on Facebook.

The style magazine also noted how chic Michelle appeared as she accompanied Barack in the photos. Whereas Mrs. Obama wore all black, Mr. Obama mixed it up with the now-famous brown leather jacket with sleeves long enough to cover his wrists, a greenish hued button down shirt, sunglasses, and blue jeans that didn't fit like the famous blue jeans of old that won Mr. Obama the title of wearing mom jeans.

[Image by Jose Luis Magana/AP Images]

On Twitter, folks are having all sorts of reactions to Mr. Obama's leather jacket, with some people commenting that Barack appears to be smiling at Michelle while carrying what looks like could be her bag. The top above photo, however, appears to show Mr. Obama smiling beyond -- perhaps to photographers or to any well wishers of the former president. Mrs. Obama, meanwhile, appeared to smile as well, as she too donned black sunglasses to top off an all-black ensemble with a long sweater over what might be black yoga pants.

Mrs. Obama was recently photographed leaving an exercise class, as seen in the following photo.

Meanwhile, there is so much chatter going on about President Obama wearing a leather jacket, with some folks posting side-by-side photos of a young Barack in leather compared to the most recent photos of Mr. Obama in leather, the comments might eventually usurp the business of President Trump's wiretapping accusations. Some of the comments from social media can be read below.

Previous times President Obama donned a leather jacket, such as in this popular CNN video, also went viral. That video has been viewed more than 1 million times as of this writing.

Dr. Farrah Gray: "Meet laid-back Barack! Obama unveils a new casual look after ditching his stuffy White House suits for the leather jacket and jeans of his Harvard days."

Amid all the banter on social media about Mr. Trump and Mr. Obama can be found some comments about how great some people feel former President Obama looks in his leather jacket.

[Featured Image by Jose Luis Magana/AP Images]