'Young And Restless' Spoilers: Lauren's Relieved, Faith's Sorry, And Colin Begs

Young and the Restless spoilers for the week of March 6-10 tease that there are intense moments on the way. Lauren is desperate to get word that Scott has been rescued while Colin's schemes regarding Jill are causing chaos. Nick and Chelsea have taken a big step in their relationship, and Cane is trying to switch gears in his work. Where are things headed next?

As SheKnows Soaps shares, Victor will hear from Kevin, and it won't be good news. Young and the Restless spoilers indicate Kevin will share that Scott wasn't where they expected him to be, leaving Lauren panicked. Victor will be insistent that they will get this resolved, and he later gets a call from Kevin who ended up at a new location. Victor will beckon Lauren and will have Scott on a video call, and this comes as a great relief to his mother. Once Kevin and Scott hang up, Scott will talk about heading elsewhere on his own, although he will begrudgingly depart with Kevin.

Colin thought he had figured out a great way to get back into Jill's good graces by selling off the ring of Katherine's he found and giving Jill a check for what he'd previously taken. Young and the Restless spoilers reveal, however, that Jill will confront him over how he found the money and will reveal what she pieced together about the safety deposit box and the key. She'll push Colin to come clean, and she'll be quite upset when she learns that Katherine had left the ring and Colin sold it. She'll kick her husband out of the house and tell him that he needs to get the ring back, noting that she'll never forgive him for this.

Melissa Claire Egan and Joshua Morrow play Chelsea and Nick
Will Chelsea and Nick become the next big 'Y&R' power couple? [Image by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP Images]

Nick and Chelsea made love during Friday's show and Young and Restless spoilers detail that they will wake up and spend some more quality time together before he leaves. Soap Central notes that they'll talk about going public with their relationship, but he'll note that he needs to talk to Faith first. Sharon will head to the Newman ranch to pick up her daughter and Faith will be rather snarky about how Nick had a date the previous night.

Sharon will be a bit confused by Faith's attitude, and Young and Restless spoilers share that Nikki will work on filling her in on things. Nick soon arrives and exchanges pleasantries with Sharon, and they discuss talking to Faith together. They'll tell their daughter that she needs to stop with the antics and Sharon will insist that she's fine with Nick and Chelsea being together.

Later, Faith and Sharon will show up at the tack house as Nick and Chelsea are preparing to have dinner together. Faith will explain that she is there to apologize to Chelsea, and the foursome chat a bit. Faith will tell Chelsea that she wants to explain how she really feels, but fans will be left hanging when it comes to what she says next. Is she really willing to accept this new relationship of her father's, or will her crusade to cause chaos for them continue?

Tristan Rogers plays Colin on 'Young and Restless'
Can Colin smooth things over with Jill on 'Y&R'? [Image by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images]

Colin will approach Jasper about getting the ring back, and Young and Restless spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that Jill will get a special delivery of some sort during Tuesday's show. Can Colin fix this mess, or will he really be out of luck? As the week continues, Ravi will try to talk with Ashley about the idea of dating and it seems that she'll insist on keeping things friendly and professional. Jordan will talk with Devon about potentially dating Hilary, and there's a shocker on the way from Devon for Hilary. She'll be giving Devon an ultimatum of sorts, and she'll be going to great lengths to stay connected to him.

Cane will be embracing the opportunity to head in a different direction, and Kevin will have a surprise for Chloe. The tensions between Victoria and Reed will soften a bit when she sticks up for him, and Nick will be getting a promise from his father. Young and the Restless spoilers tease that there's a secret swirling that will end up with the wrong person. It sounds as if there is plenty of juicy action on the way that fans will not want to miss.

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