March 5, 2017
Beyonce Suffering From Extreme Morning Sickness, With Jay Z By Her Side [Rumors]

Beyonce may be experiencing more than just the joys of motherhood as a new report claims the "Lemonade" singer is suffering from some pretty serious morning sickness. Thankfully, her husband, Jay Z, has been by her side and is willing to help out in any way he can, according to a new report from Hollywood Life.

"Beyonce is suffering the worst morning sickness ever this time round," claims a Hollywood Life insider. "In fact, it's not just in the mornings she's being sick though, it's all throughout the day! She constantly feels off balance, and dizzy, and like she's going to be sick, and actually is several times a day… in the afternoon, evening and nighttime too."

Now, this wouldn't be the first time that Beyonce pregnancy rumors have suggested that Queen Bey is having a hard time with her pregnancy. As matter of fact, the quote above sounds very similar to another one used just days ago. The same blog previously posted that she was having a hard time, only to be called out on the claims by none other than Gossip Cop. They came forward with their own secret source to counter the previous Hollywood Life claims that Beyonce was having a hard pregnancy this time around.

Their source completely refutes the previous claims about Beyonce's morning sickness struggles. Instead, it was suggested that Bey is having a pretty normal pregnancy despite the fact that she is carrying twins, which comes with its own set of complications. Sometimes those pregnant with twins do suffer more extreme morning sickness, as well as amplified aches and pains simply because their bodies are literally doing twice as much work growing babies as a woman carrying a single baby would do.

Now it should be noted that both blogs have cited a secret source, and no one is stepping forward to talk about Beyonce's pregnancy. Even Beyonce herself has not commented on how she feels and how often she is throwing up so, at this point, it's fair to chalk it all up to some Beyonce twin pregnancy rumors as we watch the singer's belly grow.

Considering that Beyonce has been busy looking for a new house (or in reality, a mansion) so her family can permanently settle in Los Angeles, and she even performed a huge set at the Grammys, it's fair to say that Beyonce is dealing with her pregnancy pretty well.

Despite the amazing Grammys performance that Beyonce brought, she did end up having to cancel her headlining gig at Coachella 2017, with Lady Gaga stepping into her place instead. That doesn't mean that she is miserable and sick, though. It just means that Beyonce is getting bigger as her due date grows nearer and doctors suggested she start slowing down a bit.

When Beyonce was pregnant with Blue Ivy, she wasn't as open about her pregnancy and didn't share as many photographs. This time around, there have even been suggestions that Beyonce showed off her bare belly and has been making epic appearances to let the world know that she is definitely pregnant and that she isn't using a surrogate this time around. With Blue Ivy's pregnancy, Beyonce couldn't get away from claims that she paid someone else to carry her child.

Of course, the surrogacy claims are also just more Beyonce pregnancy rumors and have no merit. Beyonce has never commented on the claims, or even tried to argue that she gave birth to her own child. This time around, it does seem like she's making sure everyone knows that she is pregnant with twins and doing it all on her own without stepping out of the limelight. If Beyonce really is suffering from extreme morning sickness, or even the usual aches and pains of being pregnant, hopefully, she really does have a lot of support from Jay Z, and everyone else around her.

[Featured Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]