March 5, 2017
April The Giraffe Signs Of Labor, Watch Live Cam [Video]

Don't let April the giraffe give birth without your knowing she was in labor! April is a 15-year-old, pregnant Reticulated giraffe who lives at the Animal Adventure Park (AAP) in Harpursville, New York, and she's the biggest thing on the Internet. That's right, April is bigger than Beyonce and Kim Kardashian combined, and she has the most watched baby bump on YouTube. About mid-February, word spread that April was pregnant and her upcoming birth was described as an "open-ended imminent" by park owner Jordan Patch. Due to initial confusion regarding April's conception date, she has been pregnant a bit longer than was expected. Though we now know the original due date for April the giraffe is wrong, that hasn't stopped the momentum in what has become a viral story. April's live cam is an internet sensation, and millions have tuned in to watch the moment she delivers her baby calf live streaming online. With the timeline delayed, it's imperative now, more than ever that those watching the live cam know how to recognize the signs of labor, so they don't miss one exciting moment of April's birth and the arrival of her new baby calf.

Watch April the Giraffe Live Cam

April the Giraffe's Due Date is Delayed
The AAP provides two daily updates regarding April's pregnancy, health and current status. The updates are shared through the official Facebook account and are the first source for many who follow April's live cam and want to ensure they are updated on any new developments. The AAP staff has repeatedly stated they are observing April's physical condition and behaviors to alert them for any significant changes indicating labor and delivery are underway. In addition to the Facebook updates, the AAP hosts evening chat sessions on YouTube as time permits.

April the Giraffe Timeline is Wrong, Says Park Owner Jordan Patch

According to a report shared by Penn State University, we can learn a bit about the physical behavior, symptoms, and signs giraffe labor is beginning through the observations shared by M.B. Kristal and M.Noonan. The team observed a Reticulated giraffe who gave birth to a calf at the Buffalo Zoological Gardens in Buffalo, New York. The report states that they observed the giraffe for 21 days before her going into active labor and they carefully detailed her changes.

The report states that her belly had become extremely large and would change in appearance due to the baby's shifting position. They would observe contractions and kicks, very similar to what viewers are observing with April. They also observed she ate significantly less food on the day of delivery, though she didn't abstain from eating entirely. While the giraffe drank moderate amounts during her pregnancy, they noticed she drank for longer periods of time on the day of her delivery. Signs that labor may begin for April may include losing her mucus plug, pacing a great deal, drinking more water than usual and the appearance of hooves.

AAP has stated that they will begin live streaming the birth of Facebook Live once hooves are seen. Until then, continue to monitor the live giraffe cam and look for any changes in April's behavior that may signify labor is beginning. Please remember that the Animal Adventure Park team is prepared for April's birth and is in control of the situation. They also ask that people refrain from emailing them but use Facebook and the YouTube chat sessions to ask questions, make comments or voice concerns.

April the giraffe has a new website, check it out below.

Here is the Sunday morning update shared by Animal Adventure Park on March 5, along with a quote.
"April continues to be a very much pregnant giraffe! She was reported as being a little 'spooky' last evening, which was likely due to the many intense baby kicks observed by keepers. Wax caps are still present though, back left teat appears to be shedding. Appetite remains strong. Comparative video and photos from one week ago provide significant growth visuals."

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Are you watching April on the live giraffe cam? Are you monitoring her condition for noticeable signs that labor is beginning?

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