Serial Killer Reportedly Targeting Brooklyn Store Owners

A suspected serial killer is targeting Brooklyn stores that have the number “eight” in the address, according to the New York Post.

Three store owners in the Brooklyn area have been shot by someone using the same.22 caliber gun. In all three instances, the older Middle Eastern shopkeepers were murdered while they were closing up for the evening. All three victims also operated stores that had the number “eight” in the address.

“We’re definitely looking into the number eight angle,” a source within the New York Police Department said. “But we’re not any closer to solving the case because of it.”

Another law enforcement source explained that the suspected serial killer could be targeting Middle Eastern shop owners. All of the victims were also at least 59-years-old and working alone.

According to Gawker, She She Boutique owner Rahmatolla Vahidipour was gunned down while closing up his shop on Friday night. Two other victims, Mohamed Gebeli and Isaac Kadare, were murdered towards the end of the summer.

“He never had in his whole life one enemy. He didn’t have. He was a very kind man,” Rahmatolla Vahidipour’s wife explained.

“He didn’t show up at 10, 10:30, so we called the police,” his daughter said. “A half-hour later, detectives came and I got the picture he was dead. It was so shocking, and it was one of the worst nights of my life.”

She added, “He just wanted to work hard and provide for his family.”

According to the Gothamist, authorities are looking into several different angles the suspected serial killer could be pursuing. In an effort to catch the individual responsible for these horrible crimes, police have released a sketch of the suspect.

The New York Police Department has yet to comment on the suspected serial killer who’s targeting Brooklyn store owners as of this writing.