Halsey Claps Back At Youtuber For "BingBong" Parody Video, Mocking Her Fans

Halsey is done with the insults she and her fans are getting on Twitter.

The "Gasoline" singer delivered an epic clap back to a Youtuber who mocked her recent meet and greet in London. At the event, Halsey invited 100 of her fans to gather and listen to some of her music in a church. Many of the fans and Halsey herself cried.

But a Youtuber and Twitter user who goes by the name of "Christine Sydelko" had a problem with the whole thing and let Halsey know via tweets.

"This is THE WORST," Sydelko tweeted with a link to an article about the fact the Halsey's fans cried on listening to her new music.

"This is the most Halsey thing Halsey has ever done, she has out Halseyed herself" she also tweeted.

But Halsey wasn't about to take the hate lying down. Using her official account (with the checkmark) she tweeted back at Sydelko.

"I met up with fans who sold me millions of albums. You got a verified check for making fun of me and yourself. Goooo away," Halsey tweeted."

But the 22 year old electropop singer wasn't done with the Twitter war just yet.

"Can you shut the f**k up and let people like things. How does any of this affect you in a way that requires your comment," she added.

She also sent out a tweet implying that the original tweeter was sending hate towards her because, "it's edgy."

Youtubers Christine Sydelko and Elijah Daniel made a parody video of Halsey and The Chainsmoker's song "Closer." It's called Bingbong. They essentially replaced all of the lyrics of the original song with "Bing Bong."


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The meet and greet in London was obviously something near and dear to the singer's heart, which explains why she went off in her response to the criticism.

As PopCrush noted, Halsey has deactivated her Twitter before and the likely cause was cyber bullying. This happened in April 2016.

Right before she deactivated her Twitter, Halsey's Instagram comments were filled with criticism of her using an artist's image without credit. People also accused her of blocking the artist from making comments about the allegations on her page. The image that Halsey shared is below. She has since tagged the artist (@affectioms) in the caption.

Halsey, born Ashley Frangipane, is a New York based electropop artist. According to her biography on Billboard,she got her deal with electronic/dance label Astralwerks in early 2014 based on the potential of one song, her debut single, "Ghost." Astralwerks is owned by Capitol Records.

Her first EP, Room 93, dropped in October 2014, the same year she signed her deal. Halsey released her first full-length album, Badlands in 2015. The project features work by producers such as Lido, the Futuristics, Son Lux, and others.

Do you think that Halsey overreacted to the tweets by Christine Sydelko? What do you think of the "BingBong" parody video. Let us know in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS]