Justin Bieber Teases Sumptuous ‘The Feeling’ Video With Halsey Amid Countdown To A Classic

Justin Bieber and Halsey blew everyones minds when they announced their new song “The Feeling” will appear on Bieber’s highly anticipated album, Purpose, which drops November 13.

Now, one week ahead of D-day, the 21-year-old superstar is teasing his Purpose album trailer, which includes his collaboration with the New Americana songstress and currently charting hits “What Do You Mean?” and “Sorry” and more, in a video snippet posted to his Facebook, Twitter, (and later), Instagram accounts.

Earlier Friday, Justin tweeted “One week..,” and also included the link to the deluxe edition of Purpose on iTunes.

Shortly afterwards, Halsey got in on the online action by retweeting the music video, then instructing her followers to watch it before sharing the first line of the chorus lyric.

“Peep the video I just retweeted from J if u wanna hear a snippet of #TheFeeling,” the indie-pop queen wrote.

She added, “Am I in love with you? Or am I in love with the feeling?”

So, to “The Feeling” clip. The visual opens on a futuristic New Earth-like forest setting. Three beautiful women in crop tops, leotards, and The Fifth Element-type symbols on their bodies are seen wandering around and chilling in trees amid lush nature.

At one point, the group carry out some kind of ritual as echoes of “What Do You Mean?” and “Sorry” are heard. The trio then become alert to and physically drawn towards the sound of ethereal electro synths playing in the distance.

The scene changes and Justin Bieber himself stands brooding in a clearing. The girls follow him, dropping out of things when the heartthrob heads into another enclave in the forest. He sits down at a piano just as the numinous chorus crescendos around him.

Based on the lyrics, and Justin and Halsey’s vocal deliveries in the preview, their duet will be something very special — certainly worth the negative angst some Beliebers poured out on Twitter when the “The Feeling” was first announced on October 27. During the online announcements, Halsey said it is a song people won’t want to miss, adding, “The world isn’t ready for this album.”

Over earthy chords and a syncopated beat, the first verse kicks off with Justin singing, “You are to me / A part of me / Just like anatomy / You’re pulling me / You’re pulling me / Like You’re gravity.”

The pre-chorus, “I’m notorious for thinking you’re full of beautiful instead of hollow / Sugar on your lips decide to kill the dragon / jagged like a pill so hard to swallow,” precedes a sumptuous chorus.

Justin and Halsey sing a sentiment star-crossed lovers throughout time will recognize. “Am I in the love with you? / Am I in the love with you? / Or am I love with a feeling?”

With seven days left before Bieber drops Purpose, a slew of media outlets have been speculating about his LP shaping up as not just an exceptional comeback record, but also the final piece in the redemption narrative accompanying Bieber’s phoenix-like chart success.

That narrative has been building since “Where Are U Now?” ignited charts, sales, and streams around the world from February, when Skrillex and Diplo rolled out their debut Jack U album.

Then came the irresistible tropical house-EDM-lite pop of “Mean,” the dancehall swagger of “Sorry,” and the gorgeous “I’ll Show You.” Bieber and Halsey’s Skrillex-produced “The Feeling” duet joins this roster of terrific new music, that makes the 7-day countdown to Purpose feel like the countdown to an important nu-pop classic.

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