Sam Heughan And Caitriona Balfe Spill ‘Outlander’ Season 3 Details At Comicon

Warning: This article may contain Outlander Season 3 spoilers.

Outlander fans may have to wait until September to see time-crossed lovers Jamie and Claire again, but series stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe made the wait a bit easier to bear by appearing at Emerald City Comicon on March 3, according to a new report by TVLine.

Talking to a panel of enthusiastic fans, Balfe previewed where Claire’s head will be at the beginning of Outlander Season 3.

“Claire believes Jamie has died, so there aren’t really any options. I think she does what any mother would do. She tries to survive.”

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She later said that Jamie and Claire’s separation for a large part of Outlander Season 3 will prove to be important character development for the pair.

“You see how these two people had to live without each other, and I think that’s a really important part of who they’ve become,” Balfe explained.

Heughan then chimed in about Jamie’s point of view as he faces life without Claire after the disastrous Battle of Culledon.

“If people have read the book, they know that it picks up where [Season 2] left off, so we do get to see Jamie’s journey without Claire. Basically, Jamie’s not himself. He’s being anyone but Jamie Fraser, so it’s about his journey back to Jamie Fraser.”

Balfe and Heughan also talked about why an important scene from Diana Gabaldon’s first Outlander book was cut from Season 1. In the book, Father Bain (Tim McInnerny) accuses Claire of witchcraft after she uses her 20th century medical knowledge to warn him that his dog bite wound will become infected if he doesn’t sanitize it, and her prediction comes true. According to Balfe, the dog bite encounter was filmed, but things didn’t go as planned.

“We nearly killed an actor with some dogs,” she recounted. “Father Bain, we tried to do a scene where he gets attacked by dogs, but [the actor] actually got attacked by dogs.”

Apparently, Tim McInnerny is okay, but the scare made Outlander‘s producers decide against filming another scene where Claire fights off a pack of wolves as she tries to free Jamie from Blackwater Prison.

“I’d like to see you fight a wolf,” Heughan quipped.

“You know, I think I could take down a wolf,” Balfe laughed.

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As for providing details on the most anticipated scene of Outlander Season 3 — the Print Shop reunion — Balfe and Heughan were tight-lipped. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t give away a major hint. When asked how faithful the scene, which was filmed sometime before Christmas, was to the version that appears in Gabaldon’s Voyager book, the actors reportedly shrugged and then nodded their heads enthusiastically.

That certainly sounds like good news. Even better is that Balfe has made it clear that Jamie and Claire’s steamy sex scenes will resume in Outlander Season 3, as the Inquisitr recently reported. When Vulture seemed to doubt that the hot couple could still get it on after a 20-year separation, the actress quickly corrected them.

“Do you think that older people can’t have sex? Is that your question?” she asked.

She then spoke of the eternal quality of Jamie and Claire’s love for each other.

“I think if anything, when Jamie and Claire get together again, their love is timeless and who they are inside is timeless,” she explained. “It was an interesting challenge to play older. That was the fun part about this season: to sort of take that and try to see what 20 years of life does to a person.

“In terms of the sex, I think old people have good sex too, last I heard!”

Are you looking forward to Jamie and Claire’s sex scenes in Outlander Season 3? Do you think they will still have that spark after 20 years apart?

Outander Season 3 returns to Starz in September.

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