GQ Provides Simple Video Of How Donald Trump Can Dress Like A President [VIDEO]

GQ is begging Donald Trump to get some help of the style variety, to tame the combover, and get a new tailor, in a video called “If Trump Can’t Act Like a President, He Could at Least Dress Like One.” The video offers some easy to follow tips for a fast makeover for President Trump, to work of the hair, the self-tanner, and a lesson on how to tie his neckties, so that they don’t hang below his belt.

Two of the top magazines for men’s style, GQ and Esquire, have reached out in an open letter to Donald Trump, begging him to take some help to improve his personal style, according to the Inquisitr. Both magazines have focused on his ill-fitting clothes, his spray tan, and alas, his hair. They also shared that Trump has to know that something is wrong with the way he ties a tie, because he uses Scotch tape daily to hold the pieces of his tie together.

GQ has complied a list of the fashion faux pas of Donald Trump, in an effort to help Trump dress like a president. GQ says they know there is much about Trump they can’t fix, and provided a “laundry list” of those things.

“His disregard for women and people of color, blatant pursuit of selfish corruption, lack of moral compass, and inability to write a coherent tweet? Trump’s going to have to figure those things out himself.”


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But they say they must focus on the things they can change, like his hair, his neckties, which need to be thinner, and his hair, which needs to be styled by a modern barber, that he can surely find in Washington, DC.

Town & Country was hopeful that Donald Trump finally paid attention to their articles suggesting he get some help in the styling department, as his look was improved for his Congressional address. But alas, he then went right back to the badly tailored suits and the really long ties the next day.

“In marked contrast to the monochromatic extra-long tie he wore on Inauguration Day, under a jacket that he failed to button, last night the president opted for a natty navy blue-and-white striped tie. And—shockingly—he kept his jacket, which was embellished with a ticket pocket buttoned.”

And people on Twitter, even many who are not Trump supporters, noticed that Trump finally looked more presidential.

“Most impressive thing about was the makeover- fitted suit, cuffs that show, no long red tie! Maybe there’s hope.”

And Bloomberg News noted that Donald Trump had finally moved away from his blindingly red ties, and went with a stylish blue. The move away from garish and brassy to streamlined and modern impressed those who were looking for some movement on the personal style front. And Donald Trump hasn’t been called out only by fashion magazines, but by the Washington Post too, which referred to his style as sloppy, which sends the wrong message. Others call his style, especially with his ties as tragic.

Joseph Aboud is the man who worked the magic, eyeing Trump’s “problem areas” and presenting him with an alternative of the suit and tie variety. Aboud first wanted to fix the tie situation.

“That chunky red cloth ‘feels passé,’ a relic of swaggering Manhattan money men from the 1980s. I’m glad he wasn’t wearing that.”

But Aboud says that things are not going to change in a day, as Trump has been dressing this way for years.

“This was a step in the right direction in terms of appearance. We want our presidents to be presidential but also look presidential. I think he looked more presidential last night than we’ve seen in the last 18 months.”

What do you think of Donald Trump’s style? Do you think it’s getting better? If you could change one thing about Trump, what would it be?

[Featured Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]