Jack Swagger Not Granted Release Yet

Earlier this week, Jack Swagger revealed that he requested his release from WWE. Apparently unhappy with the lack of opportunities, Swagger thought it best to cut his losses and try wrestling somewhere else. Although he has already been booked in a match against former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio, WWE revealed that they have not yet granted him his release.

“Jack Swagger has not been granted a release from his WWE contract. When he is granted his release, Jack Swagger will remain under exclusive contract to WWE for 90 days and will be compensated accordingly during that period.”

Swagger makes his entrance
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If this is indeed the case, Swagger will most likely be unable to compete in his first independent booking as it will take place less than 90 days after his supposed release.

He could always try to combat the 90-day no-compete clause, as other superstars have done in the past. Brock Lesnar and Alberto Del Rio are two superstars who have successfully had the clause overturned in their favor. In fact, when Del Rio held a press conference shortly after his release, he revealed he had negotiated with Vince McMahon himself to remove the clause from his contract.

“The main objective of this press conference is to notify Mexico – the place where I was born, where my career started and where it’s going to end – that I was tired of the work pace.”

I wasn’t comfortable anymore, I felt that they weren’t doing stuff with me and I decided to move. I understand that they weren’t going to give me more exposure; I understard their motives and we reached an agreement. The negotiation was so good that McMahon didn’t apply the 90 day clause. I’ve come here completely free.”

When Brock Lesnar went to New Japan Pro Wrestling after leaving WWE in 2004, WWE tried to sue him, but he had the court rule in his favor, and he was allowed to compete.

It is unknown if Swagger will try to combat this clause or if he will simply wait it out before heading to the indies. If so, many hope that he reignites his passion for wrestling and showcases his talents, which many feel were not properly utilized or showcased during Swagger’s tenure with WWE.

Swagger made his debut on the now-defunct ECW brand and became ECW Champion in 2009 after defeating Matt Hardy. After dropping the title to a returning Christian, Swagger was drafted to Raw. He competed in the “Money in the Bank” ladder match at Wrestlemania XXVI and won, defeating Christian, Dolph Ziggler, Kane, Shelton Benjamin, Montel Vontavious Porter, Matt Hardy, Evan Bourne, Drew McIntyre, and Kofi Kingston to claim the “Money in the Bank” contract. He successfully cashed it in on an ambushed Chris Jericho to claim the World Heavyweight Championship. He lost the title to Rey Mysterio 79 days later and was unsuccessful in his attempts to reclaim it.

Swagger started to gain momentum back in 2013 after winning an Elimination Chamber match. He defeated Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Chris Jericho, Kane, and Daniel Bryan for an opportunity to face World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio. This was when Swagger aligned himself with Zeb Colter and adopted a highly patriotic and xenophobic character. He was busted for driving while under the influence shortly after, and many feel this caused management to lose faith in him, and he lost at Wrestlemania 29.

Swagger faces off against Baron Corbin
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Although Swagger was initially drafted to Raw in July, he jumped brands to Smackdown, where he feuded with Baron Corbin. The two fought at No Mercy, and Swagger lost. He lost again in a rematch, and this was his last feud within WWE. He made sporadic appearances at Main Event and house shows, but Swagger has not appeared in a house show since last January.

Many hope that Swagger is able to rejuvenate both himself and his love for wrestling as soon as he is allowed to compete.

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