‘Seven Deadly Sins’ 208: Elizabeth’s Strike Against Indura Has Melodias’ Support

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Chapter 208 of the popular Japanese manga The Seven Deadly Sins or Nanatsu no Taizai continued with the epic confrontation between Elizabeth and the demons who managed to absorb the power of Indura by sacrificing six of their seven hearts.

[Warning: The Seven Deadly Sins manga Chapter 208 spoilers/recap and Chapter 209 speculations ahead]

The latest chapter of The Seven Deadly Sins continued with the deadly battle between the demons, who were getting increasingly fierce, and Elizabeth. Although the demons appeared to get ever more grotesque and fearsome, Elizabeth had the confidence of not just battling them, but also emerging victorious. Unfortunately, the battle isn’t easy and chances of casualties are quite high.

In the previous chapter of The Seven Deadly Sins, Monspeet and Derieri’s powers drastically increased as a result of a rather grotesque and dangerous technique. The duo managed to transform themselves into an incarnation of the demon Indura. They were able to take the dreaded avatar by sacrificing six of their seven hearts. Although the sacrifice is quite deadly, it allowed them to become very powerful. Their frenzied and crazed state allowed them to cause heavy damage to the Archangels without suffering any damage in return.

Despite the arrival of Ludoshel, a warrior possessing the most strength within the Goddess Clan, he was asked to stand down by Elizabeth, who insisted on fighting Monspeet and Derieri alone. Surprisingly, she has a rather strange but plausible compassion towards the monsters. In Chapter 208 of The Seven Deadly Sinss, she explains that “the light of dawn and the curtain of nightfall bathes everyone,” including, humans, giants, fairies, goddesses, and demons equally. However, the Archangels consider this perspective sacrilegious and warn Elizabeth that “He” will be angry if she continues to go down the path she has chosen.

Surprisingly, not heeding the warning from the Archangels, Elizabeth blasts her power of light at the monsters. However, her attack does not cause significant damage, and it falls way short of the amount needed to annihilate Indura. But as it turns out, Elizabeth didn’t intend to kill Indura. Instead, her intentions of taking on Indura without any aid were to remove the monster itself without killing its host.

Clearly angry at Elizabeth’s insolence, the Archangels prepare to punish her, but Melodias rushes to her aid and stands between the two. Surprisingly, after Melodias’ intervention, two of the three Archangels decide to help Elizabeth in exorcising Indura from the hosts. Buoyed with the assistance from the Archangels and Melodias, Elizabeth strikes some decisive blows that causes successful removal of Indura from the two members of Ten Commandments. Although the removal appears to be brutal and fatal, Monspeet and Derieri do not die. Defeated and unconscious, the duo returns to their original form.

Chapter 208 of The Seven Deadly Sins clearly asserts Elizabeth’s position in the Goddesses Clan. The way she managed to calmly take on and defeat two demons, and kept the Archangels in check, makes is apparent that she is one of the elite members of the clan. Incidentally, there were only three Archangels present during the epic confrontation. The fourth member of the group is still unknown. It is quite possible that he may arrive in the upcoming chapter of The Seven Deadly Sins and react to Elizabeth’s perceived insubordination.

Chapter 209 of The Seven Deadly Sins could show a small reunion between the Archangels, and together they may deal with Monspeet and Derieri who currently lie in an unconscious state. Although Elizabeth emerged victorious in her battle against the evil avatar of Indura that manifested in two demons, she could be severely weakened and may need to undergo some healing process. It was quite obvious in the current chapter of The Seven Deadly Sins that she consumed almost her entire energy dealing with Indura.

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