UK ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Fans Finally Get Season 8 Mid-Season Premiere Date

Alexandria Ingham - Author

Mar. 2 2017, Updated 6:40 a.m. ET

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 is almost at an end in the United States and Canada, but fans in the UK are still on the mid-season finale. It’s taken months for ITV2 to announce when it would air the Season 8 premiere. Now just a week away from the series finale, UK The Vampire Diaries fans finally have a Season 8 mid-season premiere date to put in their diaries.

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TVWise states that TVD Season 8 mid-season premiere will air on March 14 at 11:55 p.m. on ITV2. This is four days after the series finale airs on American and Canadian channels. While many UK fans will be disappointed that the show has taken so long to come to their national channels, at least the program is airing on terrestrial TV. There are plenty of shows that have been dropped by the likes of ITV2 and Channel 4 and be forced to move onto cable networks.

The newest episode is titled “We Have History Together.” With Stefan’s humanity turned off, the Salvatore brothers are in search for their next victim. They need to get 100 victims in the space of a year to fulfill their part of their deal with Cade. Only then will they be saved from hell.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 8 has received good reviews from fans in the United States and Canada so far. Many have stated how it reminds them of the earlier seasons, even if Elena Gilbert has not been part of the show. There have been numerous connections, especially as the focus has been put back on the brotherly bond.

In TVD Season 3, Damon helped Elena find Stefan and bring him back from the dark side. This season has seen Stefan work with Bonnie and Caroline to find Damon and Enzo to bring them back from the dark side.

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This is the first time that both Salvatore brothers have had their emotions turned off at the same time. UK fans will be excited to see what that means for the world, as the two go in search for evil people to send to hell.

Alexandra Chando will guest star in the mid-season premiere on March 14. Many The Vampire Diaries fans have noted the similarity between Chando and Nina Dobrev. This will be mentioned throughout the episode, so fans should listen in closely to see just why the actress was chosen and the type of character she is playing.

Meanwhile, Sybil will be back and looking for leverage. She wants to secure her life on Earth by getting rid of a weapon that could destroy her, and she isn’t afraid to use Mystic Falls High School students to do so. Caroline will need to work fast to save the students and find a missing piece of the weapon in her own home.

Matt also learns some information about his past and his ancestors. While he has always been the outsider in his own town, UK fans will learn that isn’t quite the case.

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Nina Dobrev has since confirmed her appearance in The Vampire Diaries series finale. Teasers show her back as Elena Gilbert, but Katherine Pierce has also been mentioned and will likely appear in person at some point. There are currently mixed reviews about the return as Katherine – she was one of those characters people either loved or hated.

While fans have had to wait a while for the return of the final season, it is a shorter wait than previous years. The mid-season premiere of Season 7 didn’t air until June 2016! While UK fans wait, The Vampire Diaries Season 7 is now fully available on Netflix and has been since the start of December 2016. There is no confirmation yet as to when TVD Season 8 will be available.

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