Twinkies, Wonder Bread May Not Be Gone For Very Long

Twinkies and Wonder Bread will soon be gone from retail shelves. According to NBC News, consumers may not have to way too long to get their hands on their favorite tasty treat.

If Hostess ends up liquidating its assets in the near future, then chances are some of the company’s competitors may be anxious to get their hands on several brands that have been around for years.

“Can you imagine what Twinkies will go for? Jiminy!” one individual who works for a prospective liquidator said to Reuters. “And Wonder Bread? These are 100-year-old brands. They have to be worth a lot.”

Hostess Brands CEO Gregory Rayburn is confident that someone will purchase the bands shortly after the company begins the liquidation process.

“I’m hopeful that we can sell the brands,” Rayburn explained. “I think that obviously competitors will be looking at those and then they have to make a judgment.”

Marcia Mogelonsky, director of insight for Mintel Food & Drink, believes Bimbo Bakeries, Flower Foods, and Little Debbie baker McKee Foods could be among the companies interested in purchasing the Twinkies brand.

“Other possible buyers are private label and food service suppliers including J&J Snack Foods, which supplies a number of food service outlets and convenience stores or one of the big orphan brand adopters’ [like] Pinnacle or ConAgra,” Mogelonsky added.

Bankruptcy attorney Jeff J. Friedman explained that customers may not have to wait too long before Twinkies make their triumphant return.

“I imagine they’ll definitely be able to find buyers,” he explained. “There could be a gap, but I’d be surprised if that gap was measured in anything more than weeks or months.”

After failing to coax striking employees back to their respective jobs, Hostess announced on Friday that it would close its doors forever. As a result, many of its iconic brands — including Hostess cupcakes, Ho Hos, and Ding Dongs — will no longer be available for purchase.

Many Twinkie fanatics have taken to eBay in an effort to stockpile a supply of the famous treats until production begins once again. Various reports indicate that boxes of 10 Twinkies have sold for approximately $60.

Are you upset that Twinkies will soon vanish from retail shelves?