Abby Lee Miller Court Case Update: ‘Dance Moms’ Star Gets Another Reprieve

Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller’s 2017 court dates thus far have allowed the reality television darling to stay out of jail, and it sounds as if she will have a few more months of guaranteed freedom before learning her sentence. The star and her legal team had garnered numerous delays in the earlier stages of her fraud case, but she entered a guilty plea a while back. People thought that her sentencing would take place in January, and then in February, but things have been pushed out again. What’s the latest scoop on this situation?

Abby Lee Miller’s 2017 court dates included a sentencing hearing in late January, but the process did not fully play out, and the Dance Moms star was then set to be sentenced at a February 24 hearing. However, as Deadline details, that most recent court date disappeared from the docket a couple of days prior to the hearing time.

The Dance Moms star’s fraud case began in October of 2016 when she was indicted on 20 fraud counts, and an additional issue arose in June regarding currency reporting laws and a substantial amount of money she did not declare when returning from a trip to Australia. Numerous delays pushed Miller’s appearances out, and she entered a guilty plea to one count of not reporting an international money transaction and one count of concealing bankruptcy assets. She was originally set to be sentenced in October, but that was pushed out as well.

'Dance Moms' star Abby Lee Miller could get jail time
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Abby and her legal team are pushing for probation, notes CBS News, but the Dance Moms figurehead may well end up in jail for some period of time. Miller originally could have been put behind bars for years, but at this point, prosecutors are pushing for 24 to 30 months of jail time. However, the argument the defense is making for probation notes that no creditors lost any money once the bankruptcy fraud issues were uncovered, and there are signs that the judge may ultimately concur.

Interestingly, the government is the side that requested Miller’s 2017 court date in February be pushed out, but the Dance Moms star’s defense team did not raise any objections. In fact, Abby has jetted off to Mexico for a bit and now the next hearing date is set for May 8, with time reserved the morning of May 9 if needed.

The Ziegler girls and JoJo Siwa have left 'Dance Moms,' will other departures come for Season 8? [Image by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP]

What does all of this mean for the Lifetime show? The Season 7 finale aired last week, and at this point, the network has not officially confirmed that any new episodes are coming. However, as the Inquisitr previously reported, the word is that filming is taking place now and Abby has been involved in creating the new content. It sounds as if some changes may be on the way in terms of the dancers involved, and it is not known at this point how many episodes are coming or when they will premiere.

Season 7 showcased a lot of the drama surrounding Abby and her court case as the Dance Moms star struggled with all of the stress and unknowns. Could the show continue if Miller’s 2017 court date ahead finally brings a prison sentence for this reality television personality? The series does seem prepared to go on without Abby, as they started filming again before the most recent court date was supposed to take place. At this rate this is all playing out, however, there may be no need to work around a jail sentence.

Will Abby Lee Miller’s court date take place in May and will she finally be sentenced? Will the Dance Moms star manage to score just probation or will she end up behind bars?

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