‘Dance Moms’ Spoilers: Abby Lee Miller Gets Emotional, Chloe Lukasiak Returns

Tuesday night brings the two-part Season 7 finale of Dance Moms, and spoilers tease that this will be an intense pair of episodes. Abby Lee Miller has taken her elite dancers and their moms back to Pittsburgh, and they are all on their way to Nationals. Chloe Lukasiak is going to be popping up during this February 21 show, and everybody is anxious to know what comes next for the series due to cancellation rumors that had been swirling. What’s on the way next?

According to TV Guide, Tuesday night’s episodes are titled “Same Old Frenemies.” Viewers watched as Abby Lee Miller, her dancers, and their moms returned to Pittsburgh, and now it is time for Nationals. Dance Moms spoilers via the previews show that Miller will be quite emotional as the group boards the bus to head off to the competition and bids farewell to Pittsburgh and all she built with the ALDC there.

Many would imagine that Abby’s emotional moments come in large part because of the legal issues she has been facing over the past few months. She was facing numerous fraud charges and entered a guilty plea in a deal, and her sentencing is set to take place on February 24. Miller’s legal team is asking for probation, but there is the possibility that she will need to serve at least some time behind bars.

There is plenty of action ahead during Tuesday’s Season 7 finale in addition to Millers emotional moments. Kendall Vertes will be debuting a new music video, and Miller will be struggling to come up with the right routines for Nationals. Dance Moms spoilers indicate that four of the dancers will have solos, but a couple of the mothers will be agitated over their girls not getting solo opportunities. From the sounds of things, Kalani Hilliker, Brynn Rumfallo, Elliana Walmsley, and Lilliana Ketchman are the dancers who get solos, leaving Nia’s mom Holly and Kendall’s mom Jill frustrated as their girls are originals from Abby’s elite team.

Chloe Lukasiak surprises everybody this week on ‘Dance Moms.’ [Image by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images]

The first episode airing Tuesday night will also lay the groundwork for the return of Chloe Lukasiak, Dance Moms spoilers tease. As viewers will remember, Chloe and her mom, Christi, left several seasons ago after some brutal battles with Abby. It sounds as if during the first show of the night, viewers will see Chloe and Christi talking about the series and the idea of returning to visit.

During the second episode of the night, the ALDC will face off against the Candy Apples again, and Dance Moms spoilers note that Abby will have a full meltdown. During the second show of the evening is when Chloe and Christi will show up and surprise the dancers, mothers, and Miller, and Abby is apparently none too pleased to see them.

How does the ALDC do at Nationals? Dance Moms spoilers from the “Dance Mom Official Spoilers” Instagram account indicate that the group dance will take first place, while Kalani and Lilliana both take first in their respective divisions. Elliana takes second and Brynn takes third in their divisions, while the Candy Apples’ performances seemingly miss the mark and rank below Miller’s routines.

Where do things head from here? There had been a lot of rumors flying around about a Dance Moms cancellation and it sounds as if the Season 7 finale may feel like a series ending. However, the buzz is that Lifetime is continuing the show for a bit longer. Season 8, or Season 7B as the series often breaks things down, is reportedly filming now, but a return date has not been revealed yet.

Is Kalani Hilliker leaving the series? [Image by Michael Kovac/Getty Images]

Will everybody currently on the series return for Season 8? There’s been quite a bit of speculation that Kalani will be leaving the show, and that speculation has increased thanks to a recent tweet Hilliker shared about being ready for what’s to come. Abby is said to be involved at this point, but things may change once her sentencing takes place. The buzz is that Nia, Kendall, Brynn, and Camryn Bridges are back along with some of the younger girls.

What about Chloe? Many had thought that Lukasiak would just be involved in this finale in an appearance that would generate substantial buzz. However, there have been hints and some Dance Moms spoilers swirling around that Chloe may be involved in some of the new episodes in some way as well, perhaps dancing for one of the ALDC competitors.

Are you glad to hear that Dance Moms is coming back and that this Season 7 finale isn’t a series ending? Do you want to see Chloe Lukasiak back in the mix of things again?

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