March 2, 2017
Drexelle McBride: On 'Murder Chose Me' Vietnam Vet Shot, Killed By Prostitute

When Vietnam vet Drexelle McBride went out to his favorite bar for a night of drinking, he had no idea it would be the last night of his life. His story will make the cut for the next episode of Murder Chose Me, a brand new true crime documentary series that follows the cases of Louisiana Detective Rod Demery. The Murder Chose Me episode featuring Drexelle McBride's case is "Looking for Love." Detective Demery's role is brilliantly played by actor John Nicholson, according to People.

On Murder Chose Me, the body of a man is found slumped inside of his van. It's late at night, and the people recognize the victim. It's Drexelle McBride, a good-natured man who is well known around town. But who could have done this to this Vietnam veteran?

July 2002: 11:30 p.m. Shreveport, Louisiana

Police detectives were summoned to South Lakeshore Drive, where the body of a man was found slumped in the seat of his white van. The victim was identified as 46-year-old Drexelle McBride. According to court records, the victim was transported to the local hospital but pronounced dead.

An autopsy report conducted on Drexelle McBride indicated that he had been shot one time in the chest. His blood alcohol level indicated that he had been drinking heavily that night.

Detective Rod Demery was able to trace McBride's steps, which led him back to Rusty's Pub, a local bar in Louisiana. An employee of the bar told police that they knew Drexelle McBride well, and that he was like family to them.

Along with the bar employees, other patrons saw Drexelle McBride in the bar that night chatting it up with Alisha Disotell, a prostitute who used the bar as a way to meet guys.

According to court records, Alisha Disotell was seen in the victim's car that night and even stated that she was driving him home. A Rusty's Pub employee told her not to let anything happen to Drexelle. But within hours, Drexelle McBride was dead. And Alisha Disotell held all of the clues as to what happened to him.

All leads were traced back to a seedy motel, where Disotell was staying with her boyfriend. Louisiana court records detailed the following.

"The police who investigated the crime left Rusty's and went to the nearby Travel Lodge on Greenwood Road, which they knew was frequented by prostitutes and drug abusers. They asked the management if a prostitute was staying there who met the suspect's description. The officers were directed to Room 133, where a white female fitting that description was staying with a black male. The officers conducted a knock and talk at the room. After much delay, the female finally opened the door and came out with a black male. The officers saw another black male in the room. An officer read Petitioner her Miranda rights. Petitioner said she understood and agreed to speak with the officer. She immediately asked, 'Is this about the guy in the van last night?'"
Alisha Disotell told police that she shot Drexelle McBride after he tried to rape her and steal her purse. She also stated that the victim hit her.

However, it was clear by the evidence that it was McBride who was the true victim. Most likely, he was too drunk to even defend himself that night. Disotell also stole the victim's wallet, which was never found.

Today, Alisha Disotell is serving a 30-year sentence in prison for killing Drexelle McBride. She tried to appeal her sentence, stating it was too harsh and that her tumultuous background and young age should have been factors in sentencing.

Although Alisha Disotell was a coke-addicted drug addict, whose own father was killed just four years earlier when she was 14-years old, the sentence remained intact.

You won't want to miss this week's episode of Murder Chose Me. Watch how Detective Rod Demery worked the case through dramatic re-creations played by John Nicholson, along with a compelling retelling of the story told by the real Detective Demery.

Murder Chose Me airs tonight at 10/9 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery.

[Featured Image by John Nicholson/Facebook used with permission]