Lauren Cohan Says To Expect ‘Major Losses’ On ‘Walking Dead’

After watching last week’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Killer Within,” we know all too well that no one is safe from getting that inevitable “death call.”

According to Today, not even Laura Cohan, the beautiful actress who plays Maggie, can stand to hear the phone ring. Maggie told The Clicker:

“When you’re an actor, you can’t wait for the phone to ring, but on this show, you don’t want the showrunner to call. At the beginning of the season, when we first got scripts, we had to talk to (showrunner Glen Mazzara) a lot, and every time he called, he’d say, ‘Don’t worry, it’s not that call.’ We do get some warning.”

Cohan may be a huge horror fan, but she had no idea how popular the zombie genre would be … that is until she was hired on for The Walking Dead.

Cohan says that things will go from very bad to very, very bad as the season progresses. Cohan warns fans by saying:

“Things are not going to a very good place. The group at Woodbury will collide with the group at the prison, and what makes us human is going to be tested. Every time we think we know what we’re doing, we realize there aren’t any rules. You are definitely going to see some major losses, if you can believe it. Some huge lives are going to be thrown into question.”

Cohan still flinches when she hears the phone ring because she’s not sure if Maggie will be alive for much longer. She just hopes that, whenever it does happen, Maggie goes out in a heroic fashion.

“I promised myself that it’s going to be cool, and she’ll go out with a smile,” she said.