Chris Christie: ‘I Will Not Answer Questions About Twinkies’ [Video]

Hostess is through, and America is only beginning to mourn the loss of Twinkies. Just don’t ask New Jersey Governor Chris Christie how he feels about the upcoming snack cake shortage. He’ll tear your head off.

For some reason, a New Jersey reporter decided to ask Christie how he feels about Hostess closing its doors for good. Though the GOP Governor is busy with the Hurricane Sandy clean-up, and likely only interested in talking about that, the reporter’s off-question may have had a creamy filling of malice.

For the four of you who don’t know who Christie is, it’s no secret that he’s overweight. Many media outlets and comedy shows have pointed it out. Heck, Christie has even addressed his weight before, admitting that he’s “going to try to get better.”

Cruel jokes, passive-aggressive remarks, and petty questions about what Christie’s scale reads at the end of the day are generally ignored by the Governor, who wishes to stick strictly to the issues.

Apparently this particular reporter didn’t get the memo that beyond weight questions being tried and found fruitless, Christie is actually kind of a cool guy on a trans-partisan level right now what with the political credibility he built up after Hurricane Sandy.

So a low-blow at Christie’s weight? Well, let’s see how Christie himself responded:

So maybe the reporter’s question was meant to elicit a laugh. Christie seemed to take it in reasonable stride and once again, played to the crowd. Luckily for him, they loved it.

Do you like Chris Christie? Also, how do you feel about Hostess closing?