Jenelle Evans' Custody Battle On Teen Mom 2 Heats Up, Mom Barbara Breaks Down

Jenelle Evans' custody battle over her son, Jace, is heating up as the Teen Mom 2 star continues to battle it out in court with her mother, Barbara, over Jace's future.

As MTV reports, Monday night's episode showed the various Teen Mom 2 players as they prepared to give statements to the court (the court proceedings themselves were not shown). Before going to court to give her deposition, Jenelle opened up to her friend Jamie about what she thought it was going to be like.

"I go in to the courthouse and then my lawyer asks whatever questions she wants, a testimony, and [Barbara's] lawyer does the same thing to me. Everything is documented -- our questions and our answers -- and then when we go to court to actually testify on the stand, they can ask us the same question and see if we answer it differently, to see if we lie or whatever."
Meanwhile, Jenelle's mom, Barbara, is second-guessing her earlier decision to give up custody of Jace to Jenelle, according to OK Magazine. Speaking to a producer, she explained her concerns about Jace's well-being.
"You know what, she did this herself. If it doesn't go her way, she's going to be devastated. If it doesn't go my way, Jace is going to be devastated, he's going to be devastated."
She also told the producer that she believes that Jenelle is "slowly, slowly, slowly, growing up," but she doesn't believe that Jenelle is capable of having full custody of Jace.

Throughout much of her life, Jenelle Evans has been dogged by legal and personal problems. In addition to giving birth as a teenager, she appears to have continually made bad choices since then. As Star News Online reported in 2011, Evans and her boyfriend, Keifer Delp, were arrested for breaking & entering and drug possession. All charges were later dropped after Evans completed 24 hours of community service.

In 2011, Evans' legal problems continued to mount. She was arrested in March for assault after she was caught on video in a physical altercation with another teenager, according to TMZ, and then arrested again in August for violating her parole, also according to TMZ. Between 2012 and 2013, she would be arrested multiple times for various offenses.

Since 2013, however, Jenelle appears to have managed to stay out of trouble with the law. Still, there's more to having custody of a child than just keeping your nose clean legally. Specifically, Barbara raised concerns about Jenelle's relationship with boyfriend David Eason, who, like Jenelle, has had his own share of trouble with the law.

As Radar Online reported at the time, in October 2016, Eason was sentenced to 60 days in jail for violating an order of protection. Specifically, Eason ran into his child from a previous relationship and hugged him; an act which he was legally forbidden from doing, and which scared the baby's grandmother. He pleaded not guilty, but a judge later found him guilty.

Barbara also raised concerns about Jenelle's ability to financially care for her children.

Now, Jenelle must convince a court that she's capable of handling custody of Jake. Even Jenelle's lawyer, Heather, told Evans on-camera that things aren't going to be easy for her.

"We definitely have an uphill battle with how to explain how far you have come since those times and how you are more stable now."
Do you believe that Jenelle Evans should be given full custody of Jace?

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