Dannii Minogue On Botox And Her Affair With Simon Cowell

Dannii Minogue has spoken out about Botox injections to hide her inner sadness, according to the Courier Mail. The 45-year-old Australian singer has also spoken about her rivalry with her sister Kylie Minogue.

Dannii Minogue, who recently returned to U.K. television to be a judge on Let it Shine, admitted in her exclusive interview with the Sun that she had injected Botox to make herself look less sad during her crisis years. And the singer says she doesn’t think she’s the only woman to use Botox for this purpose.

“I don’t think I’m the only woman to use Botox that way, except a lot of times I think it might be a subconscious thing — that you don’t want people to see how you really feel.”

Dannii Minogue was quick to add that she’s “genuinely happy” now. The Aussie also opened up about her relationship with X Factor co-judge Simon Cowell, who she had a secret affair with in 2007, according to RTE.

But Dannii Minogue says she hasn’t spoken to Cowell since leaving X Factor in 2010, which means the two haven’t spoken in almost seven years.

“I haven’t spoken to him and I have no idea what he’s said about the show. I have had zero contact with X Factor since I left. I haven’t seen it.”

After leaving X Factor, Dannii Minogue had a tough life. In addition to suffering from a severe thyroid condition, the singer had just given birth to son Ethan and was on the brink of splitting from boyfriend Kris Smith.

Dannii Minogue describes 2011 as “an awful time,” explaining that she was getting “thinner by the day,” which played a bad joke on her health. The singer said she was freezing cold even when it was hot outside.

“I was beside myself. But it was because my hair started coming out in clumps that I knew it was more than post-natal exhaustion, and so I went to have a blood test.”

Ever since then, Dannii Minogue has been on medication to treat her thyroid condition. The singer is willing to do pretty much anything for her son Ethan, who’s now 6-years-old. Last year, Minogue quit the Australian X Factor just because Ethan was beginning his first year at school in Melbourne.

Dannii Minogue explained that she wanted to be with her little boy and help him go through the first year in school because “the start of school was a little tricky to navigate.”

Dannii Minogue also recalled how one child once came up to her son and told him his mom is famous. But of course, Ethan had no idea what the word “famous” meant so he defended his mom and said, “No she’s not, she’s really nice!”

“He came home in tears saying, ‘Mummy, they’re saying you’re famous,’ so there’s a lot to navigate. It’s hard for him to work out what’s going on.”

Dannii Minogue also revealed that it’s now time to come back to the U.K., even though it means being miles away from her little boy. But the former X Factor judge views Let it Shine as “something new, fresh and exciting,” so she says it’s the right decision to be back in the U.K.

“I’d been looking for things to do but I needed something where I could come to England and work for short bursts, but not full time like I was when I did X Factor.”

Let It Shine, with Dannii Minogue, Gary Barlow, and Martin Kemp serving as judges, narrowly won against The Voice in their first ratings war last week. The new BBC One show gathered 6.8 million viewers, which was 400,000 more than The Voice.

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