‘For Honor’ Players Affected By Recent Outage To Receive Champion Status, Event

With the debut season’s first round concluding, For Honor players are curious to see how the cross-platform faction war unfolds. Unfortunately, the Ubisoft servers experienced an unexpected outage over the weekend. Players across all platforms had issues playing the game on Saturday when they started seeing red NAT messages leaving them unable to play For Honor in any capacity.

The Ubisoft outage, which primarily affected For Honor and Rainbow 6 Siege, began Saturday and lasted about nine hours. During that time, players could boot up the game and see the menus, but starting a match or connecting to a game was impossible. Eventually, NATs were restored to their green status and players were able to connect to matches again.

Today, Ubisoft announced that the developer will be issuing some compensation for the period of unavailability. As noted on the game’s official forums, anyone that played For Honor from February 13 through February 26 will receive three free days of Champion Status beginning on March 3. Additionally, a new event will occur over the weekend as well giving players a chance to earn twice as much Steel. The special community Order will last throughout the weekend, as well.

Champion Status in For Honor is a premium buff that can be purchased with Steel or real money. The status provides 25 percent additional experience, 10 percent more experience for group members, more salvage from dismantling, a higher chance for loot at the end of a match, and exclusive emblems. Players that qualify for the Champion Status will see it active on March 3, and players with active Champion Statuses will have three more days applied to their account.

For Honor server outage compensation includes free Champion Status [Image by Ubisoft]

For Honor is a third-person action game where players fight against other players or AI opponents in five different modes. Control zones in Dominion with one zone a front populated with soldiers. Take up arms in Duels and Brawls where two players battle each other in single combat or four players enter combat without abilities respectively. Finally, the Deathmatch option includes Elimination and Skirmish where two teams of four work to take out their opponents.

When starting the multiplayer, players are asked to choose between three factions to represent in the faction war. Knights, Vikings, and Samurai vie for control of the map by completing matches and deploying War Assets. Two weeks after its release, the first round of the first season is wrapping up in For Honor. Four more rounds remain before the first season is over and a winner is declared.

A Knight Warden collects Breakables in the story mode [Image by Ubisoft]

In additional to its flexible multiplayer mode, For Honor also includes a campaign mode that can be completed solo or in online co-op with one other player. Although the campaign mode is not the focus of the game, it does provide a little insight on whey the three factions are warring in addition to providing those that complete it with a few rewards. As the Inquisitr reported, completing the story mode is worth thousands of Steel and nine Scavenger Crates for use in the multiplayer mode.

The first major patch for the title is also on its way. Tomorrow, the PC version of For Honor will update with v1.03 while the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One updates are currently in certification according to a developer on Reddit. The update includes adjustments to Feats, combat, and specific heroes. A number of bug fixes and other changes like an update to breaking guards are included.

“We reverted the Guardbreak mechanics to the Beta behavior in order to have it be a more usable skill. Guardbreak is no longer un-counterable if you’re Guardbroken during Guardbreak startup.”

The patch notes indicate big changes to the Peacekeeper, the Berserker, the Conqueror, the Valkyrie, and a minor change to the Orochi. Not to mention, today players should notice that Elimination and Skirmish modes are now separated in the Deathmatch front letting For Honor players complete Orders more efficiently.

[Featured Image by Ubisoft]