Earn Free ‘For Honor’ Scavenger Crates And Steel From The Story Mode

All three factions in For Honor are busy taking and defending territories in the cross-platform faction war, but the third-person action game also includes a story mode. Although the competitive aspects of For Honor are definitely the focus of the game, players should take the time to complete the story mode. Free Steel and Scavenger Crates are rewarded for completing the story, and it provides a little background on why these factions are warring in the first place.

There are three chapters in the story mode of For Honor, highlighting each of the game’s three factions. Chapter one follows the Knight Warden, chapter two features the Viking Raider, and chapter three tells the Samurai Orochi’s tale as described on the official website. Exploring the story mode as a single player or in a two-player online co-op group, players will take on the role of several of For Honor’s different heroes.

Each chapter has six parts or missions to complete. Each mission includes a varying number of Observables and Breakables to find and collect. Finding Breakables and destroying them is where players can earn free Steel and Scavenger Crates. A Breakable is a collection of pottery somewhere on the map with a light shimmer. Players must destroy the urns to collect the reward. A small white symbol will drop from the urns. When picked up, the player will receive an on-screen message stating that they found an emblem, some Steel, or a Scavenger Crate.

Completeing the story in For Honor grants free Steel and loot
The Knight Warden in front of some the first Breakables in the campaign. [Image by Ubisoft]

Although players will have to look around the map of each mission to locate the Breakables, they are generally easy to spot. The pottery and urns are not used for anything else, making them stand out even at a distance. The reward from each Breakable can only be looted once. If a player replays the mission, they will not receive the reward again even though the Breakables return.

In fact, the Steel and Scavenger Crates can only be earned once on an account. Other one-time rewards can also be unlocked for completing the story mode, too. Finishing the game’s campaign rewards players with faction-specific symbols, engravings, and ornaments. Each of the four difficulties has its own rewards. For example, exclusive ornaments for hybrid heroes are unlocked by completing the campaign on the highest difficulty, Realistic. Higher difficulties offer more story mode experience and Realistic removes the shield HUD for harder gameplay.

Ubisoft's For Honor story mode rewards Steel
The Samurai chapter features the Orochi and the Kensei. [Image by Ubisoft]

Luckily, any difficulty of the story mode will reward the Steel and Scavenger Crates from Breakables. Players simply wanting to grab their free Steel and Scavenger Crates quickly can do so by running through the campaign on easy. Of course, completing the story mode on easy will only reward the player with the easy difficulty symbols and ornaments. Players that opt to complete the story on harder difficulties will earn the rewards from the highest difficulty they completed alongside any lower tiers of difficulties as well.

In addition to finding about 10 Steel in some Breakables, completing the story for the first time offers a boon of Steel as a reward. About 4,000 Steel is rewarded for completing the story on hard once the final mission is completed. Six Scavenger Crates are obtained by finding and destroying all Breakables through the three chapters and 18 missions. Locating all the Observables also rewards players with new customization options, as well.

With the story mode rewards and the initial boost of Steel from tutorials, players should be able to amass quite a bit of Steel when they first start playing For Honor. The mandatory tutorial is worth 2,000 Steel, while the advanced tutorial in the “How to Play” menu is worth another 1,500. Steel is used to purchase Champion Status, upgrade items, purchase new cosmetics, and buy Scavenger Crates. Players can buy Steel with real money to fund additional purchases, but each multiplayer match also rewards Steel. As the Inquisitr reported, all multiplayer matches can be played with and against the AI while still contributing to the faction war.

All new maps, modes, and heroes will be available to all players as For Honor progresses through its upcoming seasons. Season pass owners will get early access to some features like new heroes, but gameplay elements will be made available to everyone without additional purchase. As noted on the Ubisoft blog, some emblem outlines, the sunbeam effect on emotes, and six elite outfits are exclusive to For Honor season pass players.

[Image by Ubisoft]