Download ‘For Honor’ Now And Play At Midnight, Launch Times Confirmed By Ubisoft

With the open beta over and a February 14 release date, eager players of For Honor do not have to wait much longer to go to war. The action-oriented third-person melee title from Ubisoft is releasing tomorrow, and digital owners can start playing as soon as the clock reaches midnight. Ubisoft detailed the exact time players can start their single player journey or jump into the cross-platform faction war today.

Digital owners can pre-load the game now in preparation for the February 14 launch. PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One digital players can expect a 31 to 38-gigabyte download which differs according to region and platform. According to the Ubisoft blog, players that buy For Honor digitally can start playing at midnight their local time. This applies to PC players on Uplay, PlayStation 4 players, and Xbox One players in Africa, Central America, Europe, North America, and South America. PC players on Steam can enter battle on February 14 at 12 a.m. EST regardless of region.

Players can customize how this Viking Warlord looks with different gear, patterns, and more [Image by Ubisoft]

For Honor players picking up physical copies of the game will, of course, need to wait on their retailer providing the disc. However, the servers for the game are already open in preparation for the release. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One retail players can start playing as soon as they have their discs and installation is complete. Uplay PC players picking up physical copies can start playing at midnight their local time just like Uplay digital owners. Unfortunately, both digital and physical players in the Oceania region will have to wait until later in the day on February 14 before playing.

For Honor features a story mode campaign for one or two players to explore alongside a robust multiplayer experience. In both the campaign and the multiplayer, players will find themselves playing as the three factions in the game. Knights, Vikings, and Samurai go to war after a cataclysm tears their world apart. Each faction wants something different for their future which pits them against each other in a massive faction war.

A Knight Warden uses one of his abilities to call in a catapult strike [Image by Ubisoft]

In the multiplayer, players choose a faction to side with when they first enter the faction war. This choice does affect how they spend their War Assets after each match, but it does not limit a player to only using their chosen faction’s heroes. Regardless of faction, players can play all of the game’s heroes across the three factions. In fact, each hero has their own level progression, gear, and customization options.

As the Inquisitr reported, progression like that will not carry over from the open beta but a faction winner was declared at the end of the beta. Based on territory control, the Knights were victorious with the Samurai and Vikings nearly even at the end of the beta. Emblems of Power golden frames will be available to those that participated in the beta. These customization options let players decorate their emblem with an exclusive border according to the official website. When the game launches, players will begin again earning War Assets for their faction across the game’s five multiplayer modes and six maps with weather and time-of-day variances.

In For Honor, players even have the option to contribute to the faction war without playing against other players. All multiplayer modes feature an option to play against the AI. This includes all modes from Duels to Dominion, the mode with NPC soldier units and two teams of four players. Not to mention, players can even turn on and off matchmaking giving a player the option to play completely solo with a team of bots against bots. Partial parties are also possible giving teams of two or three real players the option to play with bot teammates, too.

The future of the game after its release will heavily rely on the faction war, seasons, and new content. All new heroes and maps will be available to all players, but season pass owners will get early access to the release of new heroes. Steel earned in-game is used to buy new heroes, upgrade gear, buy Scavenge Crates, or even buy Champion Status. Champion Status increases experience gain for the buyer and their teammates, increases the chance to find loot at the end of a match, and more in For Honor.

[Featured Image by Ubisoft]

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