Ayesha Curry Photo’d In A Bikini, Gets Immediately Butt-And-Body Shamed [Photos]

Ayesha Curry is a constant figure in celebrity news — with Ayesha first tweeting about certain clothing styles that some women wear that had Curry preferring to keep her styles more modest in public that set Twitter ablaze a couple of years ago. Ayesha once again created buzz online, as reported by the Inquisitr, when Curry seemed to swoop in and plant a protective kiss on Steph’s shoulder when a female reporter called Ayesha over to talk with the duo. The Curry Family has appeared in commercials, with Twitter reacting to their adorableness. The there was the time people kept tagging Ayesha on social media regarding Roni Rose, a stripper who was caught staring at Steph. Ayesha was even awake and tweeting and calling the NBA rigged on the same night that Steph tossed his mouth guard into the crowd.

However, Ayesha is creating buzz on Monday, February 27, for a whole new reason.

As reported by Terez Owens, Ayesha was photographed on the beach with friend this past weekend and Curry wore a bikini. In the photos, Ayesha appears to be wearing a black bikini with a very high waist. Initially, in the first photo, which shows Ayesha sitting down, it could be mistaken for a one-piece bathing suit. However, additional photos of Ayesha in a bikini prove that it is indeed a bikini because Curry was photographed walking away and pulling up her bikini bottom in a way that plenty of women do when making sure their bikini bottoms are stable and secure.

“NBA’s MVP Steph Curry’s wife was spotted on the beach with some of her friends over the weekend, and was showing out in a [two] piece. What y’all think? MVP worthy even [after] having 2 kids?-TO”

The description that goes along with the article shows Owens giving Ayesha some leeway and slack, noting that Curry has given birth to two babies thus far. On Twitter, as seen in the below description accompanying the photo of Ayesha in a bikini, the question was asked of viewers, that is, if Curry is “MVP worthy” in her bikini.

Ayesha fans, however, are quick to come to the defense of Curry, who has made quite the name for herself as a supportive wife who loves to cook — and has had her own bouts of fame as an actress. Already, tweets like the following are coming to Curry’s defense against those who have used the bikini photos of Ayesha to try and body-shame Curry.

: “LOL at comments on Media Trolls organization (MTO)… Ayesha Curry is NOT shaped like a juice box shut up!…still funny tho.”

Ayesha was also defended by Facebook user Kissy Denise, who wrote about Ayesha’s bikini pics the follow words.

“Can Ayesha Curry be GREAT? She was spotted on the beach in a bathing suit embracing her natural curves. BUT of course some Internet trolls are dragging her because her cakes are too flat for them. I applaud her for staying natural.”

Considering Remy Ma’s recent claims about Nicki Minaj’s alleged butt implants, the natural look is appearing to be more appealing, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Ayesha’s body was also defended by Facebook user Michael L Lea, who wrote that Curry’s bikini pics just represented the look of the average woman in the world.

“These people always trying to clown somebody lol….she is an average woman.”

Curry’s ultimate defense came from Facebook user Anthony Mckinnis, who quipped that it shouldn’t matter what Ayesha’s body looked like to others, as long as her husband liked her bikini body.

“As long as Stephe likes it who cares.”

[Featured Image by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP Images]

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