Ayesha Curry: Female Reporter Interviews Steph Curry As His Wife Swoops In [Video]

Ayesha Curry’s name is once again trending on Twitter. Ever since Ayesha tweeted about preferring classy styles to trendy styles back in December 2015, as reported by the Inquisitr, Curry has been a popular name that pops up on Twitter. Some people took offense to Ayesha’s comments, while others appreciate Curry’s ability to profess her faith in God openly, as Ayesha did in the below video that’s the source of more controversy.

Although the title of the above YouTube video is “Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry Historic interview interrupted by his drunk wife!!” — there isn’t evidence to support Ayesha was drinking. In the video, which was posted on April 13, Curry admits to celebrating the Golden State Warriors’ win and her husband Stephen Curry’s role in helping his team win against the Houston Rockets.

Days later, Stephen — or “Steph” — had experienced an injury during Saturday’s game, and is questionable for Game 2. It was Game 1 of the first-round NBA playoff series, with the Warriors now leading the series 1-0 against the Rockets after their win on Saturday, April 16, in Oakland, California, when talk of the infamous interview continued.

With a final score of 104 for the Warriors and the Rockets held to only 78 points, the talk of the game online continues to point to Ayesha’s presence in a previous post-game interview that Steph was having at the time.

The melee began when Rosalyn Gold-Onwude — or Ros Gold-Onwude — was interviewing Steph in the post-game celebration, with Steph being the first basketball player to achieve 400 or more three-point shots in one season.

Ayesha was in the background and came up to the duo and planted a kiss on Steph’s shoulder. Ros was in the process of asking Steph about his fans, so she took the opportunity to mention to Steph that his wife and mom were also fans.

“Your wife’s a fan, your mom.”

Ros called Ayesha back over to the duo after Ayesha kissed Steph’s shoulder and left her lipstick mark on her husband’s shoulder. It is being called a move by Ayesha that represented Curry marking her territory while Steph was being interviewed by the pretty reporter. Lots of photos and memes of the interaction are being spread across social media, with a myriad of reactions.

While some comment and say that they would have reacted the same way Ayesha reacted, others say that Ayesha went too far in interrupting the interview. Yet others defend Ayesha by saying she was simply happy and wanted to celebrate with her husband.

Ayesha put her arms around both Steph and Ros and asked what was being done, perhaps in response to the reporter calling Ayesha’s name. That’s when Ros said it was time to take the questions to the woman by Steph’s side. Ros asked Ayesha what quality was within Steph that made him the winner he is.

“It’s God. That’s all I’m gonna say; I’m gonna walk off.”

Ros also asked if it wasn’t family that also helped Steph in all his successes. Ayesha said it was everything. Prior to walking off, though, Ayesha made a parting plea to her husband that seemed to allude to the celebration of romance that the two of them had yet to perform.

“We got business to handle, right baby?”

Ayesha’s comments in the viral video are gaining a wide variety of reactions on social media.

“I love this! Well played Ayesha Curry. Well played.”

“Remember: Insecurity isn’t attractive.”

“She is AWESOME!! He already know his wife cuz he just shook his head!! ?#?LetemKnow?

“I thought I didn’t play about my man. Stephen Curry wife is a savage lol but I would have done the same thing lol”

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