Ayesha Curry Vs. Stripper Roni Rose: Warriors Fan At Cavs Game 4 — Twitter Tracks Drama Live

Wow. Fans predicted that Ayesha Curry’s name might be trending on Friday evening, and they just might be right. First up, a little background. As reported by the Inquisitr, Ayesha has been known to stake out her territory when it comes to her husband. Now Curry seems to be doing the same thing once more.

Roni Rose is a stripper who got caught staring lustfully at Steph Curry, Ayesha’s husband, during a recent Golden State Warriors game against the Cavs. As a result of that viral photo, Ayesha began receiving plenty of Facebook warnings and Instagram tags, warning Curry about Rose looking at her husband.

Ayesha was accused of making sure she was close by her husband during Game 4, perhaps to spy — or maybe to set the record straight about any woman trying to get close to her husband.

On Friday, June 10, Roni showed up in Cleveland to cheer on her Warriors during Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

Twitter soon took notice that Rose was sitting closer to the action of the basketball game than Ayesha.

This is after they noticed that Ayesha wanted nothing to do with the Cavs T-shirts on her seat and her sister’s seat. Therefore, Curry gave away the Cavs T-shirts to a person on the Warriors staff.

However, most people were fixated on the fact that Roni had better seats than Ayesha.

People soon blamed Steph’s faraway gaze on the fact that he was ruminating over the Ayesha versus Roni drama.

People joked that Ayesha was close enough to snatch Rose’s wig if she felt the need.

Other people simply began comparing the two women. Some noted that Ayesha was a classy woman who need not worry about any Instagram model having eyes for her husband. Others figured that Curry must be worried about Rose, in order to have seats so close behind the woman.

With Ayesha sitting next to her mother-in-law and sister, people joked that the Curry women were just waiting for Rose to try something like she did previously by giving Steph such a lusty look. Others noted that women like Rose represented all the factors that Ayesha dislikes about women. Curry wouldn’t be the first basketball wife to have to deal with the so-called groupies who are turned on by the success, fame, and skills of such famous men.

Without proof, online rumors are calling Rose a “side chick” of Steph — but that scuttlebutt has not been verified.

As expected, Rose is getting plenty of comments on social media about her presence at the game.

“Haha. Ayesha sitting two rows behind u #keepitcute#cavs

“Ayesha Curry and his mama are sitting behind you. Better behave yourself.”

“You at the Cavs home and they still put the cam on you. Lol.”

“Where u at? Curry needs this.”

“U fine but go Cavs.”

“Hope she get some camera time. If Curry has a good game tonight that means she is his side piece and he been smashing lol.”

Ayesha is getting her fair share of social media comments as well, with some of them a direct reflection of the Roni drama.

“Hope you will be at the game tonight. Your man needs you. Give him some motivation!”

Meanwhile, others stayed away from the Ayesha drama with Roni and focused on the time when Curry scored a role on Hannah Montana.

Back then she was known as Ayesha Alexander. Upon taking the Curry last name and becoming Steph’s wife, Ayesha has gained much more fame.

Therefore, it turns out that not all the drama during the Warriors vs. Cavs game was on the basketball court on Friday night.

[Photo by AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, Pool]

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