Egyptian professor calls for death penalty for fake virginity importers

This one is really hard to let you know about without wanting to bang my head against the keyboard.It seems that the growing business of restoring a woman’s virginity in Egypt is making at least one Egyptian scholar very angry.

Now of course we all know that once that cherry is plucked there’s just no putting it back even though some clinics in the Middle East do perform in secret an operation called hymen repair surgery. This of course has given rise to a a more inexpensive way of giving that oh so special illusion.

A simple contraption produced in China releases a blood-like substance when triggered – hence the illusion. The contraption is being imported into Middle East countries and apparently cost only $15.00 in Syria.

Professor Bayoumi, a highly respected professor from the al-Azhar University, says that the device undermines the deterrent of fornication and anyone caught importing such a device should be sentenced to death. As well the members of parliament in Egypt have called for the banning of the import of the devices.


via BBC News / image via MSN New Zealand