Taraji P. Henson Slams Nicki Minaj Amid Remy Ma Beef, Throws Shade At The Oscars

Taraji P. Henson appears to be wading in on Nicki Minaj’s recent drama with Remy Ma and hitting back at fans defending the rapper with a pretty scathing clap back, all while also throwing some major shade on the Oscars red carpet.

Taraji took to social media after Nicki and Remy’s beef boiled over, seemingly taking sides in the rappers’ nasty war of words while making it pretty clear that she’s not exactly Minaj’s biggest fan by throwing some major shade on social media.

According to a screen shot captured by a fan and posted to ATRL, Henson appeared to throw serious shade at Nicki on Instagram following Henson and Ma’s beef by commenting on Remy’s Instagram post that Ma’s recent Minaj disses in her two most recent were “karma.”

The post Taraji allegedly commented on was uploaded to Instagram by Ma and featured a meme that read, “Level of petty” alongside the options of low, high or Remy Ma.

The screen shot showed that Taraji allegedly then commented on Remy’s upload, “AKA Karma” alongside a slew of crying laughing and lipstick emojis, which had fans accusing Henson of throwing major shade at Minaj.

Is Nicki Minaj now feuding with Taraji P Henson?
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“Yes Taraji, we all know you aren’t a Nicki fan. Pls keep it cute,” Twitter user @MINAJAYSTY tweeted out amid Henson and Nicki’s apparent feud, while @PurpleRaeen asked, “What did Nicki do to Taraji because… she is out for blood.”

The Shade Room then went on to capture another of Taraji’s serious clap backs at a fan who attempting to defend Nicki amid her and Henson’s apparent feud, in which the Hidden Figures star seriously slammed an Instagram user who commented on one of her Instagram uploads with peach emojis, which were thought to be the symbol of Nicki’s fans.

Taraji P. Henson threw some major shade in the social media user’s direction, replying to the hater, who’s username was @f***Taraji, “Your b**t is hurt for your friend huh?” seemingly referring to Minaj as the fan’s “friend.”

“You have too much time on #RealHipHop BOOBOO now take the L card and carry on,” Taraji continued on the social media site, though the Empire star certainly wasn’t done throwing major shade amid the feud drama just yet.

“I am prepping for the Oscars making major movies [and] you are in your mama’s basement creating fake pages,” Henson continued amid her apparent feud with Minaj, before Taraji then sarcastically added, “Your life is sooooo GREAT!”

Notably, Taraji did then go on to attend the Oscars just hours later and her involvement in Remy and Nicki’s beef certainly didn’t go unnoticed at the prestigious event.

Taraji P Henson is taking sides when it comes to Nicki Minaj & Remy Ma's feud
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Taraji was actually asked about the drama on the red carpet at the Oscars as a video uploaded to Twitter showed Henson being asked at the big show, “Team Remy or Team Nicki?”

Henson opted not to answer the feud question, despite appearing to throw a whole lot of shade on social media, instead throwing some major shade with her body language by pursing her lips and turning her back on the fan.

“Taraji P. Henson dragged Nicki Minaj and her fans, then showed up to The Oscars looking like a million bucks,” Twitter user @WhyYouPetty commented on Henson’s appearance at the prestigious award show after appearing to throw some serious shade at Minaj just hours earlier.

While it’s not clear exactly why Taraji isn’t Nicki’s biggest fan, the feud drama first began after Remy took serious aim at her in song which sparked some major beef between the two.

Prior to Henson giving her two cents amid the feud, Essence reported that the beef first began on February 24 after the “Anaconda” singer dissed on her new track “Make Love,” Ma then fired back by blasting Minaj on the seven minute diss track “SHEther.”

What do you think of Taraji P. Henson’s apparent shade at Nicki Minaj amid her feud with Remy Ma?

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