Will Donald Trump Go After Hillary Clinton To Punish Critics And Media? [Video]

Donald Trump has served under a highly contested administration following his controversial Electoral College defeat of Hillary Clinton in the November 2016 election. Even though Hillary Clinton Beat Donald Trump by nearly three million votes, they were all in the wrong states, which allowed Trump to take the presidency via the Electoral College.

Since then, many of Trump’s critics and Hillary Clinton’s supporters have often referred to Trump as an illegitimate president, which seems to stir the tides of anger and revenge with him. As a matter of fact, in today’s instant social media world, Donald Trump has used Twitter as a springboard to lash out at this critics and post tweet after tweet of heinous rhetoric, much of which has been proven to be false.

One good example of Donald Trump’s false, or unsubstantiated, tweets is when he posted that he would have won the popular vote over Hillary Clinton if it had not been for millions of illegal votes being cast. Although there has been much scrutiny about this comment by Trump, it is the traditional media that has been his most vocal critic, calling him out on the tweet in a plethora of news programs across various networks.

There have been various aspects of developing stories that Donald Trump has lashed out about, most recently being the Russia scandal that has so many different layers that it is almost impossible to dismiss. But he has also recently tweeted about “fake news” and referred commonly to established media entities like The Washington Post, CNN, The New York Times, and many others.

But Donald Trump has also started mentioning Hillary Clinton again, nearly four months after the 2016 election has ended with his victory over her. It seems seriously anti-productive to even bring Hillary Clinton into the equation altogether, but given his past behavior on Twitter both before and after the election, Donald Trump seems to be hinting at a larger picture here.

Let’s just take a step back for a moment and look at how Donald Trump has treated Hillary Clinton over the past year, especially after he got the Republican Party nomination to run for president.

Donald Trump began his post-primary campaign by attacking Hillary Clinton through her husband (former President Bill Clinton), bringing up his past allegations of sexual abuse against women and the Monica Lewinsky scandal that nearly led to his impeachment at the twilight of his presidency in the late ’90s.

When that campaign tactic started to fade out, Donald Trump then brought up Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal, Benghazi, and the Clinton Foundation, which paved the way for him to start a Twitter hashtag, #CrookedHillary. From there on, when Donald Trump tweeted an attack on Hillary Clinton, he used that hashtag instead of saying her real name.

Pre-dating the general election campaign, Donald Trump also made light of the fact that Hillary Clinton was late coming back from a break during a televised debate with Bernie Sanders, calling to light that she was in the bathroom. He used inflammatory language when he referred to it, saying things like, “I know where she went,” and “it’s disgusting.”

Such words could almost lead a viewer to believe that Donald Trump was alluding to Hillary Clinton taking care of her feminine hygiene, which he also used against debate moderator Megyn Kelly, formerly of Fox News.

Finally, and this list is not exhaustive by any means, Donald Trump attacked Hillary Clinton during a live televised debate and said that if he were president at that moment, she “would be in jail.”

That might have been a decisive moment for right wing voters that were on the fence at the time. Chants and hashtags emerged everywhere, saying “Lock her up!”

So after all of this time and over a month after Donald Trump’s inauguration, why has he started attacking Hillary Clinton again on Twitter, seemingly unprovoked by Clinton herself?

Although no one can say for certain, one theory postulates that it could be just another subtle way that Donald Trump uses to allude to the fact that if his critics do not back off of him, he will go after Hillary Clinton and possibly appoint a special prosecutor to investigate her e-mail scandal, as he falsely promised during a heated debate following the release of an inflammatory audio recording with Trump making misogynistic remarks against women.

With many other Presidents in the past, this action would not even be considered possible. But given the recent and past rhetoric of Donald Trump, it seems more and more likely for him to follow through with this coded threat if his opposition and critics do not leave him alone. Although none of this has been proven at this time.

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