Conservative Provocateur James O’Keefe Threatens To Release ‘Leaks’ On CNN

James O’Keefe is the name that is synonymous with the ACORN scandal and other conservative hits on liberal organizations across the country. That’s because James O’Keefe likes to secretly videotape people in the liberal establishment, elected or appointed, and edit the videos to demonize the victims of his conservative agenda that have landed him in hot water with the law.

Apparently, James O’Keefe has set his sights on cable news with CNN being his first target. Although it is unknown at this time, James O’Keefe has announced that he plans to release secret tapes, or “CNN Leaks,” as he has coined the evidence, at 10 a.m. EST on Thursday, which O’Keefe seems to insinuate that there is some questionable or even compromising material on those tapes.

It is unclear what these tapes are purported to have in them, but James O’Keefe announced that he had the tapes while on Sean Hannity’s radio news show, as reported by The Wrap. He also said while on the Sean Hannity radio show that he would be targeting the media, which seems to tow the new Republican Party line by syncing up to Donald Trump’s divisive statements about the media, calling them “fake news.”

Although there is no way of knowing just what is on the CNN tapes, it is also unclear if he intends to release them without editing any of the video, which has destroyed his credibility in past scandals that he perpetuated in order to villainize a group of people that run against his political agenda as a conservative.

“We think our media needs to be held to account, and CNN is kind of the leader of that. CNN has a very important role as an arbiter of news,” James O’Keefe told CNN in a phone interview. “We have a dozen investigations going on, which is one of the reasons I don’t have time to go through hundreds of hours of tape.”

That seemed to insinuate that James O’Keefe only plans to release material that is damaging to CNN, but leave out other parts of possible audio and video recordings that could help viewers get a better perspective of the context for which certain things may have been said in.

This would not be the first time that James O’Keefe has released controversial, edited videos and released them to the public. It would also not be the first time that O’Keefe gained illegal access to a person or institution’s private material, if that is what he did in this case with CNN.

Following a 2010 arrest, James O’Keefe pleaded guilty to gaining access to federal property under false pretenses, which was what he did when he gained access to Senator Mary Landrieu’s office at the time of his arrest.

In addition to his criminal history, James O’Keefe has also been deemed an uncredible journalist that propagates news stories to fit his own conservative agenda, which also seems to co-align with the agenda being pushed by the administration of Donald Trump.

Since before Donald Trump took office, he has perpetuated an ongoing war with the media and even went as far as to call CNN’s Jim Acosta “fake news” at his pre-inauguration press conference.

James O’Keefe has also gone as far as using Donald Trump as a source for his reason to press forward with this media sting, which is starting with CNN. O’Keefe cited Donald Trump’s use of the phrase “fake news” as his reason for doing a major “investigative journalism” hit on media organizations that have classically been center or left-of-center news.

Even when James O’Keefe releases the “CNN tapes,” it might be hard to understand the context of the videos if they do not show the whole picture with raw, unedited video.

[Featured Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]