‘BIP’ Couple Carly Waddell, Evan Bass Update: Still Going Strong, Tease Babies

Carly Waddell and Evan Bass of 'BIP' still going strong

Carly Waddell and Evan Bass are no doubt one of the most popular Bachelor nation couples ever. Carly and Evan met on Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. The relationship between Waddell and Bass got off to a rocky start, but in the end Carly just could not resist Evan’s quirkiness and never give up attitude. What started out as literally something that made Carly sick, is now the best thing to happen to her. Their chemistry and unique personalities compliment each other perfectly. Carly and Evan are still going strong and Bass has even made some more pregnancy comments in recent days, but who is actually pregnant?

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If there is one thing Evan and Carly do well it is joking around. Evan seems to be the kind of guy who likes to stir the pot so to speak. Evan apparently shared a social media story recently in which he insinuated that Carly could be pregnant. Waddell posted a photo of a sleeping Evan on Instagram and the rumor was addressed by a fan who asked if she were pregnant. Carly replied to the fan and said it is her sister who is pregnant and Evan is just starting ridiculous rumors.

This isn’t the first time Bass has mentioned possible pregnancy news. As previously reported by the Inquisitr back in October, Evan jokingly insinuated Carly was pregnant as she thanked him for getting her sick. Bass said, “@carlywaddell you’re sure that’s a cold I gave you and not the morning kinda sickness?.” While it was not true and was simply Evan joking around with his fiance, a baby between Carly and Evan is something fans are hoping to see someday.

No baby is on the way for Waddell and Bass just yet, but they are still going strong and planning their wedding. Entertainment Tonight reported in January that Carly and Evan have declared they are getting married in 2017. The date has not been announced, but Carly was in California earlier this year with bridesmaids-to-be Jade Tolbert and Juelia Kinney scoping out wedding venues and starting preparations for the big day.

Now that wedding plans are underway and fans just saw The Bachelor, Nick Viall, ask for the blessing of each remaining girls father, the question has surfaced about tradition and if Evan has asked Carly’s dad for permission to marry his daughter.

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Bass addressed the question in a recent article on Bustle and said that he and Carly were both raised in conservative homes and he completely respects the tradition behind parental permission. With that said, Evan also said that he and Carly were working towards breaking away from how they were raised and finding their own paths. He shared that many of their talks while in Paradise were centered around religion and spirituality.

Evan said the following,

“Still, the question remains: To ask or not to ask? Carly and I have been engaged for eight months (real time). Is it even necessary to do it now? But, after wrestling with this for months, Carly’s come to the realization that it is important. For me, that is what matters. If Carly values that tradition, then so will I. Even if it’s not a big deal to me, it is important to honor the things my future wife does value, because marriage is the coming together of two equals sacrificing a separate life for a lifetime adventure filled with compromise and companionship. So how do you think dads feel about FaceTime? Asking for a friend…”

It’s yet to be determined if Carly and Evan’s wedding will be televised, but fans still voice frequently they want to be a part of their big day. In the meantime, fans can continue to follow Carly and Evan’s growing relationship on social media. Their humor and adoration for one another is incredible. Out of three engaged Bachelor in Paradise couples, Carly and Evan are the only ones left standing and it looks like they will make it for the long haul.

Stay tuned for more details about Carly and Evan’s wedding as they are made available. In the meantime, don’t miss The Bachelor as Nick Viall’s season wraps up Monday nights on ABC.

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