TLC Hints At Next Grandbaby Duggar: Jinger Vuolo Pregnancy Is Latest Teaser

Jinger (née Duggar) Vuolo has been married for a few months now, and her first pregnancy has been a source of speculation since before the wedding. Viewers wondered about blind items and rumors that hinted Jinger and husband-to-be Jeremy Vuolo had been closer than the Duggar family’s restrictive rules permit during dating, and whether there might be a secret reason for the couple’s rush to wed.

Meanwhile, alongside wedding footage, TLC aired clips of Jinger’s family guessing at how long it would be before she was pregnant. One clip of Jinger’s sister, Jill, and Jill’s husband, Derick Dillard, makes it clear that the family was speculating long before the relationship was public news, too.

Derick: They’re going to be expecting soon. By my prediction, my prediction was before the end of the year.

Jill: That was Derick’s prediction before they were even courting.

The network has also released a clip of Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo discussing their married life. Interviewer Danni Starr asks if there any babies in the future — and Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo don’t offer any details. Jeremy says the couple “love[s] children, but are obviously just focused on getting settled in.”

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Jinger Duggar Vuolo was equally vague in another recent interview.

We’re just enjoying our life together. We’ll see what the Lord does.

The Vuolo couple has also been much more private than those who have followed the other married Duggar family members and their spouses on social media might expect. Where Jill, Jessa, and until recently, Josh, have been rather active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, Jinger has no publicly disclosed pages, and Jeremy keeps his pretty quiet — a handful of promotions for the show, and an occasional Biblical reference.

Perhaps Jinger Duggar Vuolo and her new husband value their privacy and are trying to take a step away from the spotlight. If so, the promotions for their show may be working against them.

The newest promotion for the Duggar family’s reality show on the Counting On Facebook page again shares the speculation from other Duggar family members but also invites fans to weigh in.

Is a Vuolo baby on the way?

Of course, we know that pregnancy is a big part of the family’s claim to fame — their first special was literally titled in honor of Michelle Duggar’s fifteenth pregnancy. Since then, the births of four children to Josh Duggar and wife Anna, two to Jessa and husband Ben Seewald, and one birth and another pregnancy for Jill and Derick, not to mention Michelle Duggar birthing four more kids, have been central to the plots of their reality shows.

The focus on pregnancy in the Duggar family is so strong that, according to Christian Today, Amy Duggar King, cousin to Jinger et al. and niece to Jim Bob Duggar, said that her cousins were disappointed when she told them she wasn’t pregnant upon return from her honeymoon!

However, Jeremy Vuolo’s position may differ slightly: on his website, he describes raising and enjoying children this way:

This is not itself the essence of marriage but is often a beautiful gift within the covenant union.

That sounds a lot like Jinger married a man who is okay with putting off becoming parents, or even skipping it altogether.

It’s impossible to say whether Jinger and Jeremy are making a deliberate effort to step out of the spotlight and have some privacy, or if they’re just busy starting their married life together. Either way, it’s clear that the viewers and reality television aren’t letting go easily.

Jinger may be a long way from her family, but she’s still not far from the lights and cameras.

Whatever her family planning choices are, Jinger Duggar Vuolo can probably count on an audience watching for the slightest change in body shape, a baggy shirt, or anything else that might hint at another grandchild to grow Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s family and keep them ‘counting.’

[Featured Image by Duggar Family Official/Facebook]