Watch Live Eagle Cams Online: SWFL, Decorah, Sauces, Avon Lake, And More [Video]

Eagle season is underway and there are many live streaming eagle cams you can watch online. The Southwest Florida Eagle Cam (SWFL) is one of the most popular animal cams currently online, but so too are the Decorah, Sauces, Avon Lake, Dale Hollow, and Duke Farms eagles. Eagle season runs from October to May and many eagles are currently in different stages of the season. While E9, the eaglet from the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam, is now two months old, other eagles are still incubating and brooding eggs. This means that there are plenty of educational opportunities available for live eagle viewing. The video player directly below is a playlist featuring multiple eagle cams streaming live. You can use the toggle playlist bar in the upper left-hand corner to switch from one video to another. This is one of the most efficient and convenient methods for viewing multiple streams simultaneously.

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam

Located in North Fort Myers, Florida, the Southwest Florida eagle cam is located on Dick Pritchett's property. The cam launched in 2012, and beginning in 2013, interactive and educational chat sessions were established to answer questions the public may have regarding the eagles and bald eagles in general. The chat transcripts are housed online in a Tumblr page and are an excellent source of reading for those new to the bald eagle cams, or who want to know more about the eagles currently at the site. The transcripts range from 2013 to this current season. This is Season 5 for Harriet who lost her mate Ozzie and has now paired with M15. Harriet and M15 are currently raising E9, who just turned 2 months old and was born at 7:33 a.m. on Dec 31, 2016.

There are three cams located on Pritchett's property, and when watching the live streaming cam, you can select views from each cam. One cam is located directly above the nest, the other shows the view of the nesting tree, and the third cam provides a panoramic view of Pritchett's pasture that includes a pond, horses, and other wildlife.

Decorah Eagles Cam

There are two Decorah eagles cams. One is located in Decorah, Iowa, and the other is known as Decorah-North. The video playlist above features the North Nest and is operated by Raptor Resource. The Decorah-North eagles cam is located on private property. The nesting tree is a large, white oak that is nestled 56 feet from the ground. Unlike some eagle families that stream live online, the Decorah-North eagles do not have names but many refer to them as Ma and Pa Decorah or Mr. and Mrs. North. The 2017 season for the Decorah-North eagles has just entered the incubation stage. Ma Decorah laid egg No. 1 on Feb. 19, 2017, at 5:53 p.m. CT; egg No. 2 on Feb. 22, 2017, at 3:09 p.m. ET; and egg No. 3 on Feb. 25, 2017, at 5:12 p.m. CT. You may watch the live streaming webcam featuring the Decorah-North eagles in the video playlist above. The playlist below is from Raptor Resource and will continually update with new memorable moments captured on videos from the Decorah-North eagle cam.

Channel Islands Eagles Cam

The Channel Islands eagles cameras are part of a series of live cams located in California's Channel Islands and operated by the Institute for Wildlife Studies (IWS). The bald eagle cams include Sauces, Two Harbors, West End, and Fraser Point. IWS also operates a cam in San Bernardino Valley: Big Bear eagle cam. The cams feature multiple bald eagle families that have nested and raised young on the Catalina Islands. Each IWS cam is included in the video playlist above.
  • Sauces Eagles Cam - following A48 (female) and A40 (male)
  • Two Harbors Eagles Cam - following K82 (female) and K 81 (male)
  • West End Eagles Cam - following Thunder K91 (female) and Superman K01 (male)
  • Fraser Point Eagles Cam - following A49 (female) and Cruz (male)
  • Big Bear Eagles Cam - following unidentified male and female
Check out this video from the West End eagles cam when Thunder and Superman returned to their nest.

Duke Farms Eagles Cam

Located in New Jersey, Duke Farms is a 2700-acre estate that serves to promote conservation awareness and environmental stewardship. The bald eagle nest was first spotted on the property in 2005, with cams established in 2008. You can find out more about the Duke Farms eagle cam at Conserve Wildlife New Jersey

Avon Lake Eagles Cam

Located in Avon Lake, Ohio, the students at Redwood Elementary School were elated when it was announced bald eagles were nesting in a tree on the property. The school established cams and the children named the eagles Stars and Stripes. The 2017 season has begun and all eyes are back on Stars and Stripes as they hope to successfully raise another clutch this season. On Feb. 24, 2017, at 6:59 p.m., mom laid the first egg of the season. You may watch a video below. Keep a close watch on this cam as it's likely more eggs will soon follow.
Are you watching live streaming eagle cams this season?

[Featured Image by Paul Reeves Photography/Shutterstock]