‘Dragon Ball Super’ 12 Gods Of Destruction: Predictions, Analysis, And More

The Universe Survival Arc in Dragon Ball Super has officially started, and details about the plot and the anime’s new characters have begun to trickle down in a steady stream. Recently, the full lineup of the series’ 12 Gods of Destruction was revealed, much to fans’ delight. While very little official details about the gods apart from their names and designated universes have been revealed so far, numerous fans of the acclaimed anime have weighed in on the role that each God of Destruction would possibly play as the Universe Survival Arc takes its course.

What follows is a list of the 12 Gods of Destruction that are set to be featured in the Universe Survival Arc, as well as predictions and an analysis of each character’s possible roles in the Tournament of Power. Take note, however, that this information is not official, and thus must be taken with a grain of salt. Without further adieu, here are the 12 Gods of Destruction in Dragon Ball Super.

Universe 1 – Ivan

Designed by Toyotaro, Ivan appears to have been inspired by the appearance of Yu-Gi-Oh!‘s Kuriboh, with his hairy face, stout body, and prominently round eyes. A Comic Book report stated that since DBS universes have their twins, Ivan’s partner is Universe 12’s God of Destruction, Gin. Very little is known about Ivan, but from the character’s appearance, numerous DBS fans believe that the character, as well as his team, might be fodder in the upcoming tournament.


Universe 2 – Heles

The Cleopatra-inspired Heles is jointly designed by both Toyotaro and Akira Toriyama. Being the only female God of Destruction, Heles has been revealed to be a rather vain god who values beauty above all else. Considering that her twin universe is handled by U11’s GoD Vermouth, DBS fans are unanimous in the notion that Heles might very well play a huge part in the upcoming Tournament of Power.

Universe 3 – Mosco

Mosco, designed by Toyotaro, is one of the most unique Gods of Destruction, with his semi-mechanical body. Very little is known about the massive god, except for the fact that he is paired with the God of Destruction for Universe 10, Ramon. With his massive frame and his daunting appearance, fans are speculating that Mosco, as well as his select fighters, would most likely give the Universe 7 fighters a very tough fight.

Universe 4 – Kitera

Kitera, a God of Destruction who looks like a humanoid mouse, is designed by DB creator Akira Toriyama. Kitera would most likely play a pretty big role in the Universe of Power, especially after Bergamo from Universe 9 issued a challenge to the Omni-King’s stipulation that losers of the Tournament of Power would be annihilated. Kitera’s universe is paired with Universe 9, which is handled by Sidra, the dwarf-like God of Destruction.

Universe 5 – Arak

Arak, designed by Toyotaro, is arguably one of the most unique-looking Gods of Destruction in Dragon Ball Super. Paired with Universe 8’s Liqueur, numerous DBS fans are speculating that Arak’s team of fighters might very well be fodder for either Universe 7 or Universe 11.

Universe 6 – Champa

Designed by Akira Toriyama, Champa has been around in Dragon Ball Super for a while now. Being the twin brother of Universe 7’s Beerus, Champa’s team is most likely as formidable as his brother’s, with fighters such as Hit included in his lineup of fighters. While it is unknown how long Champa’s team would last in the Tournament of Power, there is a good chance that his fighters would at least go the distance.

Universe 7 – Beerus

Beerus, designed by Toriyama, is the first God of Destruction that was introduced in Dragon Ball Super. Considering that the Universe 7 fighters are comprised of the protagonists of DBS, there is a good chance that Beerus’ team would be the winners of the Tournament of Power. That is, of course, unless the anime pulls a Zamasu and simply have the Z fighters lose the final match in the competition.

Universe 8 – Liqueur

Liqueur, designed by Toyotaro, is paired with Arak, who rules Universe 5. Just like his partner, speculations are high among fans of Dragon Ball Super that Liqueur’s team of fighters would be among the first to be eliminated in the Tournament of Power, either by Universe 7 or other more powerful teams.

Universe 9 – Sidra

Sidra, who is designed by Toriyama, has been featured in Dragon Ball Super for a while now. Despite being a God of Destruction, the dwarf-like god was revealed to be a bit indecisive, quite unlike his Kaioshin, who is very assertive. His fighters are speculated to be among the weakest in the Tournament of Power and thus, rumors are high that Sidra’s universe would be the first to be eliminated.

Universe 10 – Ramon

Ramon, the pink elephant god designed by Toyotaro, is the God of Destruction from Universe 10. Considering the events of the Future Trunks arc, there is a good chance that Ramon might have some issues with Beerus, who intervened in U10’s affairs when Zamasu, a Kai in training, went rogue. While very little is known about the god except that he is paired with the massive Mosco, fans are expecting Ramon’s team of fighters to reach some of the final rounds of the Tournament of Power.

Universe 11 – Vermouth

Vermouth, the killer clown God of Destruction, has managed to get the attention of fans ever since he debuted in the Universe Survival Arc’s debut trailer. His fighters appear to be comprised of the Pride Troopers, who are guardians of peace in Universe 11. Considering that one of his warriors is Toppo, one of the strongest fighters in DBS so far, speculations are high that Vermouth’s team might very well make it to the finals of the Tournament of Power. Dragon Ball Super‘s opening theme, which features Goku’s battle with a member of the Pride Troopers, all but confirms these speculations. His universe is paired with U2’s Heles.

Universe 12 – Gin

Gin, designed by Toyotaro, is paired with Universe 1’s Ivan. Very little is known about the god of his fighters as of date, but speculations are quite high that his warriors would most likely be fodder for Universe 7 or Universe 11.

With the Tournament of Power, Dragon Ball Super has entered yet another era — one that could very well surpass the best sagas in the franchise’s prime. With multiple universes clashing in a grand tournament, there is a good chance that the anime would get even better.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]