Shirtless Photo A Joke, Says FBI Agent

The shirtless photo is a joke, according to the FBI agent whose investigation ultimately led to General David Petraeus’ resignation.

According to CBS News, Frederick Humphries states that the shirtless photo sent to Jill Kelley in September of 2010 was just a goof. Nothing about the photograph in question was meant in a sexual manner, the agent explained.

The Seattle Times reports that the “tongue-in-cheek” photograph was taken after Humphries engaged in a hard workouot at the MacDill Air Force Base. The image in question finds the shirtless FBI agent standing between two training dummies.

The reason the agent posed for the picture are relatively simple: Humphries thought the dummies strongly resembled him, so he decided to snap a picture out it. Instead of being sexy or alluring, Humphries explained he was just having fun. In fact, the image was sent to other friends as well.

According to Yahoo! News, senior deputy prosecutor Andrew Hamilton describes Humphries as a “top-notch” operative. The two previously worked together on the “millennium bomber” case.

“That’s the first time I met him, as a case agent,” Hamilton explained. “We spent a lot of time together over the next couple years getting ready for trial, and I couldn’t have asked for more as a case agent. He was very, very thorough, and very honest. We always thought we were very lucky to have him.”

Frederick Humphries was the agent who first stumbled across the emails sent from David Petraeus’ mistress Paula Broadwell sent to Jill Kelley. Since he was concerned for Kelley’s well-being following the harassing messages, Humphries contacted the FBI’s cyber squad in Tampa.

Media outlets have speculated about the real relationship that existed between Jill Kelley and Frederick Humphries. The FBI agent denied any and all allegations.

“There was absolutely no romantic involvement or relationship whatsoever between Agent Humphries and Jill Kelley,” explained Humphries’ lawyer Lawrence Berger.

Do you think the shirtless photo is a joke?

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