Witches To Conjure Spells Against Trump Every Waning Crescent Moon At Midnight

Witches around the world have been invited to take part in a mass spell-casting ritual that will begin at midnight tonight and will continue over each waning crescent moon at midnight until the time that President Donald Trump is removed from office.

Elle reports that while many people are protesting Trump by speaking up in town halls, phoning their representatives, and attending protests, witches have now decided to take part in their own way by casting spells on President Donald Trump in order to force him out of office.

While there have been murmurs for quite some time about witches organizing to partake in spells against President Trump, it was Michael M. Hughes who publicized the most recent series of events. Hughes has been quick to explain that his intention and that of other witches is not to physically harm Donald Trump, but to simply stop what he is doing by hopefully having him removed from office.

“We’re not wishing harm on anyone, we’re just trying to stop the harm they’re doing. It’s not the equivalent of punching a Nazi in the face, it’s the equivalent of tying him up and taking his bullhorn away.”

President Donald Trump on July 21, 2016. Witches performing a magic binding ritual will need a photograph of President Donald Trump to burn with an orange candle. [Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

There will be magic rituals performed by many covens tonight and also by others who may practice voodoo, shamanism, or just consider themselves occultists. This “mass binding” will not end tonight, however, but will continue with each month’s waning moon. Other dates when witches will be partaking in spells to remove Trump from office include March 26, April 24 and May 23.

The Daily Mail has provided a list of items which can be used for these magic rituals, and they can be found on other news sites as well. These items include a photo of President Donald Trump (as unflattering as possible), an orange candle, bowls of salt and water, and a Tower card from the Tarot set. While tools and spells among witches may vary, the above is a general list of items for one particular spell.

After all of the above items are in place, witches will be carving President Trump’s name into the orange candle. Those that are performing this spell will need to ask for protection before they begin their proceedings. They will then chant a refrain that seeks to remove Donald Trump from the White House and also speaks about binding his supporters also.

“I call upon you to bind Donald J. Trump so that he may fail utterly. That he may do no harm to any human soul. Bind him so that he shall not break our polity, usurp our liberty, or fill our minds with hate, confusion, fear, or despair. Bind them in chains, bind their tongues, bind their works, bind their wickedness.”

Witches hope to make President Donald Trump leave the White House with their magic binding ritual. [Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

Once this refrain has been chanted, participants involved in this spell should take their orange candle and set fire to the photograph that they have chosen of President Trump. While the candle is being blown out, witches are supposed to be visualizing President Trump also “blowing out” and turning into heaps of ashes.

After Donald Trump’s photo has been completely burned and is disintegrated, witches will then say, “So mote it be,” three times. Witches will then need to ground themselves when they have finished performing this binding ritual.

It has been suggested that the singer Lana Del Rey will also be taking part in these binding rituals against President Trump, as she tweeted some of the days of the waning crescent moon when these magic spells will be performed.

What do you think about tonight’s ritual binding spell at midnight against President Donald Trump and will you be partaking in any of the future magic events held monthly with the waning crescent moon?

[Featured Image by Scott Olson/Getty Images]

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