Exploding Iphone 7? Brianna ‘Bree’ Olivas Posts Burning, Smoking Twitter Video

Exploding Iphone 7? Brianna 'Bree' Olivas Posts Burning, Smoking Twitter Video

When one hears about a phone allegedly exploding or blowing up, one might immediately think of a Samsung phone. However, the below Twitter video from 18-year-old Brianna Olivas purports to show a burning and smoking iPhone 7. As a result, Brianna’s video has been retweeted and liked thousands of times on Twitter. Apple has even taken notice of Olivas’ viral video. In her Twitter description that accompanied the video, Brianna’s iPhone 7 Plus phone was not being used, according to Olivas. The video shows the phone was not plugged in and not charging when it was shown smoking — and it appeared to be resting near the sink on a bathroom counter as it burned.

According to the Guardian, Apple is looking into the claims of the iPhone 7 that Brianna wrote “blew up” — possibly because of battery issues. Olivas’ rose gold iPhone 7 Plus can be seen in the video posted by the 18-year-old Olivas, who hails from Tuscon, Arizona. The burning and smoking iPhone 7 appears malformed in the video, with the back of the iPhone 7 showing an opening and smoke billowing from the phone.

After posting her viral video, Brianna posted the following aftermath photo of the same burned iPhone 7 Plus, and fielded plenty of questions over whether or not Olivas was using a liquid phone case.

However, Olivas was quick to point out to one user who accused her of having a liquid case that she did not have a liquid case on her iPhone 7 Plus.

: “Because your dumb a** had one of those dumb a** liquid cases.”

: “Well your dumba** should know I didn’t have a liquid case LMAO.”

When one Twitter user noted how scary it would have been if Brianna’s iPhone 7 Plus had been next to her as she slept when it allegedly caught on fire, Brianna noted that she was asleep next to her phone but her boyfriend moved it to the dresser.

: “ I was asleep next to it and my boyfriend moved it on the dresser!”

When another Twitter user accused Olivas of putting her iPhone 7 Plus in the microwave to make it smoke, Brianna had quite the clapback — and claimed that she did not put her iPhone 7 Plus in the microwave to make it smoke.

: “ funny because I didn’t put my phone in the microwave, definitely not that dumb But congrats tho, you’re a dumba** lmao.”

Olivas also joked about how many suggestions she has received on Twitter from people telling her to put her iPhone 7 Plus in rice. When another Twitter user accused Olivas of using Photoshop to create her viral video, Brianna wrote that it would be “sick” — meaning pretty cool — if she knew how to use Photoshop to such a degree in order to create a video of a smoking iPhone 7 Plus, and the resulting photos of the burned iPhone 7 Plus.

: “ that would be sick if I knew how to photoshop lol.”

As reported by Apple Insider, it isn’t known why Brianna’s phone would meltdown, but the publication notes that “wispy white smoke” is usually an indicator of a “catastrophic battery pack failure.” Olivas, meanwhile, has given the phone to Apple so that they can further research the issue.

Brianna even borrowed lyrics from Big Sean’s “Bounce Back” song, stating that although last night she took an “L” — or a loss, presumably losing her iPhone 7 Plus to mysterious smoke that ruined the phone — Olivas is bouncing back, just like the rapper.

As seen in the top photo above, the iPhone 7 Plus was shown at an event that announced new Apple products to the public in San Francisco on Wednesday, September 7, 2016.

[Featured Image by Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP Images]