Mysterious Carcass Of Huge Hairy Sea Creature Washed Ashore in Philippines

Sea Creatures Wash Ashore

A carcass of a monster-size sea creature has washed ashore in the Philippines, and the mystery today is not only focused on what it is, but also what caused the death of this entity covered in white hair. This is the second carcass to wash ashore in the Philippines recently, and both carcasses look like sea monsters to locals. The two very different looking monster-like carcasses washed ashore at separate locations and days apart. To locals, it appears that something is killing the creatures that dwell in the deepest parts of the ocean, which are places humans seldom see.

According to The Sun, a “massive hairy blob-like monster ” washed up on a Philippine beach, and the pictures of this mass are splashed across the social media sites as people stopped by to take selfies with this creature. The creature appeared to be bleeding, so it was apparently once a living thing. The deep sea monster-like entity washed up in the Cagdainao, Dinagat Islands. Because of the massive amount of white hair-like substance on the carcass, some thought it was a massive polar bear. You can see the creature in the Facebook post below.

It is thought that this is the rotting corpse of a sea cow or a whale, but there is no official finding on the creature posted. This huge carcass washed up on the heels of another bizarre finding on the beaches of the Philippines. This time it was a humongous serpent-like oarfish, which was discovered on the northern coast of Mindanao in the Philippines. This carcass was also white and looked odd laying on the beach as these species are hardly ever seen because they live in some of the deepest parts of the ocean. They rarely travel to the ocean’s surface, so it is not a fish many people have seen, other than in pictures.

Fishermen in the area have reported recent sightings of huge 30-foot oarfish at the surface of the water, which is not a natural place to find these fish. Their long serpent-like bodies and big fish heads make the oarfish appear monstrous in nature. They dwell in the deepest depths of the ocean at around 1,000 meters, cites RT News.

The 1,000 meters converts to about 3,280 feet, which is a very deep and dark place beneath the ocean’s surface. The question that has the scientists baffled today is what is bringing these sea creatures up from the deep, killing some in the process? Something is making them come off the ocean floor and up to the surface.

The large monster-looking blob that washed up may be the decaying carcass of a sea cow or a whale, but it is still unidentified today. The long serpent-like carcass is that of an oarfish, which has now been identified. Residents on the northern coast of Mindanao have also spotted a number of the serpent-like fish recently. These oarfish were seen prior to a powerful earthquake in the area that killed six people and left 120 people injured.

The oarfish came to the surface a few days before the 6.7 quake that hit the area, according to the New York Post. Several other oarfish were spotted at the surface by fishermen after the quake hit. This has people wondering if these sea creatures really can predict an earthquake or a tremor? According to the Post, there have also been several incidents of marine life beaching themselves recently in the same area.

Prior to this recent event, there had been several reported incidents of oarfish coming to the surface just before an earthquake hit, which includes the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, Chile, and Haiti. According to the post, oarfish have often been called “earthquake predictors because the tend to wash up before and after tremors,” which is what happened recently.

[Featured Image by Lenny Ignelzi/AP Images]