BTS’ Jungkook Voted Male K-Pop Idol With The Sweetest Voice — Do You Agree?

Bangtang boys on the red carpet

BTS’s Jungkook has been voted as the male K-pop idol with the sweetest voice via a Twitter poll conducted by the Korean channel 1theK.

As Soompi reports, the poll question asked K-pop fans which idol had “a sweet voice like Valentine’s Day chocolate.”

Jungkook came out on top with 66 percent of the votes. He was up against three other male idols: SEVENTEEN’s DK, BEAST’s Yang Yoseob, and SHINee’s Onew.

But true fans of BTS and K-pop shouldn’t be surprised by the result. Although the overall popularity of BTS probably played a huge role in deciding the winner, Jungkook does actually have a beautiful voice. And there’s lots of video evidence to prove it!

Recently, Jungkook put out a cover of Crush’s single on the Goblin OST, “Beautiful.” The name of the song matches the tone of his voice as he sings the track.

Of course, he probably made all of the BTS fans swoon when he uploaded the song with the caption, “This isn’t a cover. You could call it my feelings for ARMY.”


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Jugkook also recently uploaded a cover of Charlie Puth’s “We Don’t Talk Anymore.” As Soompi notes, he was recognized for his effort by the artist himself. After the audio was tweeted out to BTS fans, Charlie Puth liked the tweet and followed the official BTS Twitter account.

Jungkook has also displayed his vocal chops on a cover of Justin Bieber’s “Purpose.” The cover, which he uploaded to Soundcloud on his birthday, was really a gift to his fans.

Recently, on an episode of The Shin Yang Nam Show, his fellow boy band members confessed how lucky they feel that Jungkook joined BTS’ agency, Big Hit Entertainment, All K-pop reports.

Jungkook joined the agency after he auditioned for Superstar K3. During the recent television appearance, he admitted that he fielded lots of offers from rival agencies after that audition.

“I received love calls from about 7 companies after I auditioned for Superstar K3,” he said.

“The companies that made offers to Jungkook were bigger than ours. It’s really a divine deciding moment and a gift from God that Jungkook came here (to Big Hit),” another member of BTS added.

Jungkook admitted later that the reason he decided to join Big Hit Entertainment was because of an admiration for Rap Monster.

“I came because Rap Monster hyung was so cool,” he said

In a funnier moment from BTS’ appearance on The Shin Yang Nam Show, the other BTS members teased Jungkook for being too cheap. When asked which of the members was the least likely to pull out his wallet to pay for anything, BTS member Suga named Jungkook.

“Whenever I eat with Jungkook, I try to pay for it since I’m the hyung. But you know, you can do some action (pretending to pay) but he just says, ‘Thanks for the food’,” Suga said, as translated by All K-pop.

BTS’s Jin agreed.

“I let him (Jungkook) borrow my card not too long ago but he never paid me back. He told me that the food he bought me from before evens it out.”

Do you believe that BTS’ Jungkook has the sweetest voice in K-pop, or is there another singer who should take the title? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Chung Jung-Sun/Getty Images]