‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will Liv And Sam’s Fight Turn Deadly?

General Hospital spoilers are here, and it seems as though Sam and Liv’s fight might end deadly! According to a report by Celeb Dirty Laundry, the battle is going to finally come to a head. The big question is whether or not the baby will survive?

Spoilers are stating that Sam Morgan takes a huge plummet from the bridge and that it’s not looking good for her fate. Although she has been cooking something up for a while, this is the exact opposite of what Liv was hoping for, as it’s been teased that the outcome of this fight on the bridge might end in tragedy.

As far as her motivation, she really wasn’t looking to cause a deadly outcome, but that’s exactly what might happen on General Hospital.

General Hospital spoilers say that she originally wanted to scare Julian and use Sam as a form of manipulation, so she and the baby were never intended targets, but that’s just the way things have worked out. The straw that broke the camel’s back happened when Julian poisoned Liv, and because of this move, she decided she would get back at him.

Spoilers say that Liv takes this revenge plan too far and that there’s a real fatal risk for Sam and her unborn child. On the other side of things, she is fearful for her life when she suddenly realizes that she’s in the presence of the same person that was responsible for Morgan Corinthos’ car bomb. To save her own life, she desperately wants out of the car, but Liv tries to convince her that she means well.

According to General Hospital spoilers, other characters will discover that Liv has had this revenge plan for a long time now. Despite trying to calm Sam’s fears, General Hospital viewers will see as Jason Morgan, Alexis Davis, and Curtis Ashford discover that the mastermind has gotten involved in Alexis’ life as a fake AA sponsor, which made it easy for her to needle her way into Sam’s life. She set up the eventual kidnapping very nicely, and once Jason and Alexis find out Liv’s real intentions, they will start to wonder what she’s up to next.

General Hospital viewers will see that while Liv doesn’t mean to harm her niece, she will have no choice as spoilers have indicated that things escalate between the two ladies because Sam is so paranoid about her. When Liv pulls a gun on her to calm her down, that’s when the battle truly begins. After a little struggle, General Hospital fans will see Sam fall off the bridge in a heated battle.

General Hospital spoilers state that both Sam and the baby will survive the fall, but Liv may not survive this move as Jason and Sonny will be hot on her trail.

In other spoilers news, the writer behind Nelle’s secretive revenge letter will finally be revealed. While Nellie’s secrets are coming out, there’s still one that hasn’t been spilled until now. The person behind the “Dad” signature on the letter which prompted Nellie’s return to Port Charles will be revealed.

The journey of Nellie finding out who her biological father is, of course, has a few names in the mix. One of those names is Frank Benson, but not everyone is convinced that he’s her father. Another possibility is John Durant, which might be an interesting twist given his death. Many General Hospital viewers think that if it is Durant he might have faked his death, which means that his return is imminent.

What do you think of the recent General Hospital spoilers?

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