Photo Showing Ivanka Trump And Putin Proven A Fake [Debunked]

Questions continue to swirl about the relationship between the Trump family, including Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, and Vladimir Putin. So a photo which surfaced, but now has proven to be Photoshopped or altered, seeming to show Ivanka Trump and Vladimir Putin, along with Ivanka Trump’s friend, Wendi Deng, raised a few eyebrows. In context, the photo provoked conversation, as Wendi Deng (formerly Deng-Murdoch), the ex-wife of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, and the alleged current girlfriend of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, happens to be Ivanka Trump’s close friend and travel buddy.

Whomever decided to alter the photo, and put Putin’s head on the body of director Baz Luhrmann, did it with the intention of suggesting a relationship between Wendi Deng, Vladimir Putin, and Ivanka Trump, which Deng and Trump say does not exist.

Rumors of an intimate relationship between Vladimir Putin and Wendi Deng have been around for a long time, but it wasn’t until recently that photographic evidence finally surfaced. It seems that Putin was divorced in 2014, around the same time that Deng and Murdoch divorced, reports the Inquisitr. Before the photo in formal dress, the only evidence was that Deng and Putin had a common billionaire friend, Roman Abramovich. Deng was seen boarding Abramovich’s yacht in St. Barts, and Putin has been seen also boarding said yacht and received one of his own as a gift from Abramovich.

But now Snopes, often the final word on debunking, has revealed that the photo, allegedly of Wendi Deng, Vladimir Putin, and Ivanka Trump was digitally manipulated. Snopes said that the photo that was taken had Wendi Deng, and Ivanka Trump, but the person in the middle was not Vladimir Putin, but instead, was actually director Baz Luhrmann.


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The original photo was taken by photographer Hannah Thomson at an after-party of the Costume Institute Gala, and was found in a collection of photos of the best parties of 2015 in Vogue. The altered photo was shared on the pretense that Wendi Deng had been dating Putin, which she denies, adding that she has never met Vladimir Putin.

Vogue says that Wendi Deng calls putting people together her specialty as one of the top NYC salonists bringing power players together, like people named Trump, Kushner and Murdoch.

“Put people together, and things can happen.”

In this case, that sounds like an understatement. But Deng swears in terms of friends and politics, she remains neutral.

“I’m Switzerland.”

Ivanka Trump considers Wendi Deng a close friend and confidante and sings her praises about connecting people.

“Everything she has is available to her friends, which, believe me, is not common. There’s nothing that doesn’t interest her, and she can hit five topics in a 35-second conversation. It’s really a whirlwind with Wendi. I can’t recall the last time I had a conversation with her that didn’t conclude with her connecting me to four people who might become great friends or great business opportunities.”

And though Wendi Deng will not speak of Putin, she does share that she is quite chummy with one of Putin’s best friends, Roman Abramovich, and his wife, Dasha Zhukova. Deng and Zhukova thought they might go into business together, creating an art database.

“We wanted both the tech community and the art community to support us, so we brought in Gagosian and Pace and Steve Cohen and François Pinault and Peter Thiel and lots of Chinese investors.”

Zhukova claims her friend Wendi is pushy, but she also gets results.

Did you think that the photo that included Vladimir Putin’s face on Baz Luhrmann’s body was believable?

[Featured Image by Aaron Bernstein/Getty Images]

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