More On Vince McMahon’s Reaction To The Rock Calling CM Punk On ‘Raw’

Arguably the biggest thing that happened on this past Monday’s Raw was something that the viewing audience at home didn’t see. After the show went off the air, WWE legend Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson appeared in front of the live crowd at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, and he decided to call CM Punk while he was in the ring with a live microphone in his hand. Unfortunately, Punk was out walking his dog, so he couldn’t answer.

Following the show, Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that WWE chairman Vince McMahon wasn’t happy with The Rock deciding to call Punk in the middle of the ring, and in fact, he even tried to put a stop to it, but he wasn’t able to.

WWE News: CM Punk Admits Why He Didn't Answer The Rock's Phone Call
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“The Rock was on the phone for a long time, CM Punk was out walking his dog, and tweeted a big thank you to Los Angeles. The crowd was going nuts chanting his name, then Vince sent a referee down to the ring to tell Rock to stop calling CM Punk.”

On Tuesday’s Wrestling Observer Live, Alvarez had more on Vince’s reaction to The Rock phoning CM Punk, as he said that the WWE chairman flipped his lid backstage, and was trying to do everything he could to put a stop to it.

“The big news is what happened after [Raw] went off the air. They’re out there after the show, and The Rock starts talking about AJ Lee, so everybody starts to chant for CM Punk. So, he thought, ‘I’m gonna get everyone to cheer and stick around.’ So he calls CM Punk on the phone, and suffice to say, this was not cleared with WWE, they were not happy, Vince McMahon was flipping his lid. First he sends word ‘tell Rock to stop calling Punk!’ But Rock kept calling Punk. So then Vince sends out a referee who says ‘Rock, please stop calling Punk.’ Before the show started, Vince McMahon did a cameo where he came out and said ‘Rock, you’re fired.’ Shockingly he didn’t do it after the show went off the air in this CM Punk segment.”

WWE and CM Punk have been at odds ever since Punk abruptly left the company in January of 2014. Since his departure, he hasn’t had the nicest things to say about his former employer. Also, the company’s ringside doctor, Chris Amann, has a lawsuit going on against Punk which WWE is bankrolling.

WWE has done everything they can to avoid mentioning Punk since his departure, but The Rock can pretty much do whatever he wants to do at this point in his career, so while WWE is probably annoyed at his decision to call CM Punk, it won’t have an impact on how they use him going forward. In fact, The Rock will probably have a significant role at this year’s WrestleMania.

WWE Rumors: Samoa Joe Hints At CM Punk WWE Return
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CM Punk has said multiple times that he doesn’t intend on ever returning to WWE, and if he does, he’ll view it as a loss in life. Right now, he’s completely focused on improving as a mixed martial artist, and getting another shot in the UFC. As for when his next fight will be, well, his last fight was in September, so he should be ready to step back into the cage soon.

When Punk lost his UFC debut against Mickey Gall, he said that he’s planning on continuing his mixed martial arts journey, even if he gets released. So, even if he loses again, he’ll probably end up fighting for someone else, instead of returning to WWE.

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