Angelina Jolie Feasted On Savory Spiders, Bugs, And Scorpion With Her Children

Being interviewed in Cambodia, Angelina Jolie found it very difficult to cope with questions regarding her ex-husband, Brad Pitt after their dissolution of a twelve-year long marriage. Previously, only clips related to Jolie’s statements regarding her divorce were made public. However, new episodes of the same interview have revealed something very intriguing. It’s not just about divorce, love, or family. Guess what? It’s Cooking 101! But of course, since the Cambodian kitchen was not entirely up to the mark, it did not allow for much scrupulous cooking.

The most reputed experts in gastronomy assert that insects and bugs are the revolution that is yet to come in the world of cooking. In fact, many of the best restaurants on the planet already serve these curious delicacies to their diners. The truth is that insects are commonly included in the diet of many Southeast Asian countries owing to their high nutritional value and protein abundance. Very few dare to try this kind of diet in Europe, but the trend will change soon and Angelina Jolie was very clear on that indeed. Be that as it may, Jolie and her children have given themselves a feast with these strange delicacies, which the actress and her offspring have gobbled up like Iranian caviar. “They actually have a very good flavor,” said the actress while tasting a tarantula paw, explaining to her young ones how to cook and eat these bugs.

Angelina Jolie eats spiders
Angelina Jolie and family feast on insects during their stay in Cambodia [Photo by Miles Willis/Getty Images for Sotheby's]

During her recent visit to Cambodia as Director of the new film First They Killed My Father, Angelina Jolie wanted to share a special menu of tarantulas, crickets, spiders, cockroaches, and scorpions with her children! In a footage by BBC News, Angelina Jolie was seen feasting on bugs along with her children and not only that, she shared her thoughts about consuming such food and how to clean and cook it as well. As she continued her cooking lessons, her children listened intently while enjoying the savory food. Jolie showed her culinary skills on camera with scorpions, spiders, and crickets. She even stripped and swallowed a tarantula leg by leg without any mania or distress. What’s more, she exclaims that “the taste is really good.” Even actors present at the scene did not seem disgusted by the sight or scared by the dishes they were offered.

The ex-wife of Brad Pitt says she started to try these Cambodian delicacies the first time she came to the country 17 years ago to shoot Tomb Raider. It was also at this time when the young actress decided to adopt her son, Maddox. The star talks to the journalist as she teaches her children how to clean the insects, put them in the pan, and cook them. Unlike what most children might do, Jolie’s children did not squeal nor were they afraid to touch the insects and eat them. “When people were starving during the war they were able to survive with things like these,” the actress told her interlocutor. The journalist did not want to miss out on the meal so he tasted a part of a tarantula and remarked that it was rich. Angelina then commented that not every insect is the same, “The scorpion is difficult to chew. The first thing I ate was crickets with beer and that’s when you can try tarantulas,” she added. “Do you want to share a spider?” the actress asked her daughter, to which Shiloh responded, “They look like potato chips,”

Perhaps this has something to do with her divorce? Maybe the stress she has been facing during the past few months translated? Or perhaps it is just the taste of these delicacies which compelled her and family to feast on a rather Asian-style menu, for which westerners have little taste for. Whatever the case, in truth the scorpions and spiders have reminded fans of the old Lara Croft and reimagine her in that light instead of constantly viewing her for the past year with regards to Brad Pitt and her divorce from him. It marks a new adventure for Angelina Jolie and her family.

Angelina Jolie feasts on insects with family
Angelina Jolie holding back her tears when asked about her recent divorce from Brad Pitt [Photo by Jordan Pix/Getty Images]

[Featured Image by Jordan Pix/Getty Images]