Klingons for Jesus

Do you like torture? Do you like war and conquest? Do you like killing people? but more importantly, Are you a Klingon? Then Klingons for Jesus is for you.

According to Klingons for Jesus, Jesus is the messiah the Klingons have been waiting for all along. Here's some other great selling points:

Do you like killing Gods?

We know Klingons killed their Gods and we Christians also killed our God and we feel really bad about it. As a Christian you'll be encouraged to rexperience killing God frequently as well as fantasize about drinking his blood and eating his flesh.


Do you like forcing people to obey you?

As Christians we believe that it is our mission to force the entire universe to worship as we do and it is our duty to force, bribe or trick them into doing so! And so we have launched a mission to convert the entire universe to Christianity. It's a big job but we have a lot of pamphlets and sooner or later you will join us too.

More details on the Klingons for Jesus site here.