#TinyTrump Memes Now In Video Form, More ‘Pocket POTUS’ Clips Are Coming [Video]

In the run-up to Presidents Day 2017, the internet had quite its fill of #TinyTrump memes, showing miniaturized versions of President Donald Trump. But leave it to a popular YouTube channel to create a video version of the suddenly-popular meme and make that “sequel” similarly go viral, with the strong possibility of at least one more video to come in the following weeks.

Late last week, netizens first got to see #TinyTrump memes crop up, and not surprisingly, they first started arriving soon after Donald Trump’s press conference last Thursday, where he went on the warpath against “fake media” outlets. The International Business Times added that Trump had also gone on Twitter the day after to cite some “fake news” examples. This isn’t unusual behavior for the U.S. president, who has been very vocal on social media about certain media outlets, critics, and even comedy shows such as Saturday Night Live.

The IBTimes report suggests that it’s actions such as the ones mentioned above that have inspired a Reddit group to start creating memes of a smaller version of the ordinarily taller-than-average Donald Trump. The subreddit r/TinyTrumps has been posting edited photos with shrunk-down versions of the president to depict how many see him as childish in the way he deals with his myriad critics.

While Trump stands close to six foot, three inches in real life, the #TinyTrump memes show him standing no taller than four feet tall and visibly dwarfed by the likes of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, former U.S. president Barack Obama, and rapper Kanye West. A lot of the pictures, in fact, depict the president as being the same height as a young child or even as small as an infant.

The Inquisitr also wrote about the phenomenon last week, talking about how it almost seems as if new #TinyTrump memes appear each time Donald Trump says something of note. And while there are now close to 40,000 subscribers on the Tiny Trumps subreddit, its administrators have made it clear that there are rules to follow, which pretty much boil down to requiring users not to post anything too controversial, or spammy, and not to post any normal-sized Trump photos.

Meanwhile, YouTube channel Evil Ice Cream Pictures has joined in the fun and seemingly isn’t satisfied with still #TinyTrump memes. According to the Huffington Post, they’ve created a one-minute video called “Tiny Trump / The Pocket POTUS” showing some of the more popular such memes, with Trump’s real voice and real quotes in the background.

“We saw all those stills of Tiny Trump and were like that’s cool but why not do it in motion, a.k.a. next level meme it,” said Evil Ice Cream Pictures in a comment posted on Sunday. “Wait, we could do that. So we did.”

Better yet for those who can’t get enough of those memes, Evil Ice Cream added on Monday in a pinned comment that they’re planning to create another #TinyTrump meme video, which may be available sometime this weekend.

“Since the response to this video has been so positive. We will be doing another tiny trump video here which should be up by the weekend. Thanks for watching.”

As we’ve learned through the years with different memes, some stand the test of time and remain classics to this day, while others are quickly forgotten once the internet loses interest in them, or whatever made them so meme-worthy in the first place. But at the rate things are going, those #TinyTrump memes may continue winning netizens over “bigly” as anticipation builds for Evil Ice Cream Pictures’ next “Pocket POTUS” video/meme compilation.

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