On Presidents Day, #TinyTrump Memes Continue And Are Hilarious As Ever

Not long after the “#TinyTrump” subreddit began, “Tiny Trump” memes have spread like wildfire over the entire landscape of the internet. On Presidents Day 2017, the pop culture tongue-in-cheek photoshopping of Donald Trump in a smaller light is continuing — full speed ahead.

To celebrate President’s Day, a post on the site, Twenty Two Words, read “‘Tiny Trump’ Is the Newest Meme and It’s Bigly Hilarious.” The writer reminded readers about the hilarious trend that has taken off and is showing no signs of losing steam.

Supposedly, President Donald Trump has a “Napoleon Complex,” as suggested, based on him getting all worked up over anyone taking a snipe at his “tiny hands.” Recall during the hotly contested campaign for President when Florida Senator Marco Rubio got into a dustup with Trump over the size of the New York billionaire’s hands, according to NBC News.

The feud morphed into one of the most laughable — and embarrassing — moments in American politics.

Donald Trump speaks during the Presidential Debate at Hofstra University [Image by Win McNamee/Getty Images]

When the dust settled on the Trump-Rubio feud, the senator from Florida apologized to Donald. However, the moment was sealed in history and soon critics, undoubtedly, part of the anti-Trump camp, began photoshopping the real estate mogul to a height of no more than 24 inches.

The #TinyTrump memes, which reportedly began on Reddit, depicted the President in a diminutive light; the much smaller Trump often appeared next to world leader or member of his family.

The miniaturized Trumps spread rapidly on Presidents Day weekend and many took pleasure in trolling the new President, based on the volume of comments following each post.

It appears that at every juncture when President Trump speaks, a new #TinyTrump meme crops up — bigly, according to an NDTV report. The Reddit community behind the Tiny Trumps began almost in lockstep with Trump’s first day in office. Based on the speed #TinyTrump memes have spread, it’s unlikely the participation and trolling will wane in the near future.

The site on Reddit has over 35,000 subscribers and signups are growing daily. And while many people are showcasing their technical skills and inner-comedy, the site imposed rules of decorum for published memes.

The #TinyTump site lists a few things not to do when posting a #TinyTrumps meme: no spam; no “douchebaggery;” no cartoon images; no bigotry and no images meant to provoke a political dispute. Oh, and there’s one more: it’s forbidden to post a normal-sized image of Donald Trump.

“Please be aware, whether you like/ hate trump. We’re not here for the politics, just to laugh at his TinyHeight portrayed in these photos…”

Donald Trump may not take too kindly to Presidents Day being marred by images showing him as an itty-bitty human being. However, he may well be advised to get a sense of humor and embrace the craze that will likely outlast his Presidency — even if he successfully lasts a full two terms.

Not only are #TinyTrump memes saturating various news cycles, but also talk of Donald Trump’s impeachment is catching on fast.

Protests are mounting against the commander in chief for a litany of missteps early in his administration — Michael Flynn and Andrew Puzder (cabinet pick casualties) –, a disturbing pattern of “fake news,” ironically, originating from his own administration (Kellyanne Conway’s “Bowling Green Massacre“), Sean Spicer’s “Atlanta terror attack,” and Trump’s fallout over his remarks about a Swedish incident.

Some experts suggest Trump will resign soon while others say he will be impeached and removed from office by conservative factions from his own Republican Party. It’s unclear what direction is Presidency will take from here.

Just remember, if you’re bored and are not in the market for a mattress on Presidents Day, fire up your electronic device and type “#TinyTrump or #TinyTrumps” into the search engine box. The rest is comedic magic.

[Featured Image by AP Photo/Chris O’Meara]

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